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Working From Home Opportunities

So you are looking at working from home opportunities? There are very many ways to work from home and actually make some decent money.

Do you want to work for someone else or start your own business?

Anyway, It’s good to figure something out that you can do from home to make extra money. You want multiple streams of income if possible.

Below I have listed some practical ideas for earning money at home. Most of these can allow you to keep you day job, at least until you can quit your day job.

Buy and sell items for a profit.

There are people that buy things at place like Craigslist, and Let go then, turn around and sell them for a profit. You could look for certain things you already have knowledge and buy them at the right price and then, sell them at the right price.

People do this with cars all the time. Just make sure you know about what you are buying and be careful.

It will take a lot of effort however, with practice and patience it could be very worthwhile.

Teach people English.

There are companies you can sign up for like, VIPKid that will pay you to teach English online.

You can work from home and have our own schedule. The website says you can earn $15-$22 per hour.

Sell stuff on Amazon.

Maybe you have the perfect idea of stuff to sell. Why not put it on the biggest online store.

Just go to and download the e book to get started.

Be a freelance writer.

If you are good at writing or have specific knowledge of something this may be for you.

As a freelance writer you would get paid to write content for clients. These client are websites, magazines and blogs just to name a few.

There are courses you can take to get it going in the right direction.

Build an online store.

If you have a passion about a particular item or interest you might want to start an online store.

There are hundreds of websites out there that will give you step by step instructions on how to do this.


Provide some advice to other business for a profit. For this you will need specific knowledge in the area you want to be a consultant in.

Maybe you could teach small business how to run better or show them where they are losing out on profits.

Become an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing can earn passive income in a very sort amount of time. There aren’t a lot of start up costs so it’s a very attractive work from home business.

Affiliate marketers refer people to products and services through their website. When people buy things that the referred they make a commission from the company providing the product or service.

There is really no limit to what you can refer.


Blogging is easy to start with little expense up front. Very simply, you write articles on your own website about things you like. It could be anything, dogs, cats, trees. Literally anything.

Once you get some good exposure you can start to earn money. Some people have built million dollar businesses from blogging.

My #1 choice.

Combine blogging with affiliate marketing.

This is what I have chosen to do and it’s working well for me. I get to refer things to people that are related to my blogs and get paid because people buy them.

I work when I want (quite often because it’s a lot of fun).

I don’t have a boss.

It has allowed me to quit my daytime job. I can go where it want and work when I want.

To start you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time. You spend the amount of time you can/want on it. The sky is truly the limit. It all depends on the amount of effort you want to put in.

If this sounds like a good plan for you go over to my page, Get started with blogging now.

You don’t need any experience and there is step by step training with 24 hour support.

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  1. I’m already affiliate marketing and I’m just breaking into freelance writing. With my profession being considered non-essential, I had two choices – either sit and sulk about being out of work, or taking advantage and calling this work hiatus and opportunity. So, rather than do what my parents wanted me to do which was to beg for my old job back at a Wal-Mart Distribution Center I decided to take up freelancing. Now, I’m still in my early stages but I’ve already scored a gig, so I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes me. 

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I really enjoyed this post very much. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed Online Work from Home. These are can be one of the best ways to earn online and, popularity is increasing day by day. This post is good for online workers. In my opinion, These are better than any other earning option. I will follow this article in my online life. This post has inspired me. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I’m so impressed. I want everyone to know about this.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about this article. Thanks

  3. Currently I am an affiliate marketing and I agree that it should be your most recommended here. Not only because it is what IAM into right now but because I have tried the other ideas you have here on your list especially freelancing and buying and selling but I can very well say that blogging and affiliate marketing is the best pick. Also one gets to make money even while they are asleep. Isn’t that just perfect.

  4. Working from home is a really good thing and it can truly fetch a very pricy income for us but only if we do it the right way. To be honest, this quarantine period is forcing us to think of ways to own a meaningful income without having to step away from home. This is massive to see here and thank you so much for sharing out here. I will try all my best here to make good use of the offers here

  5. Hello there! This is an amazing review you’ve got here. For the few months I’ve been a wealthy Affiliate marketer, I have enjoyed every moment of my online business as I earn side cash and also receive professional training. 

    For me, Wealthy Affiliate marketing is the best I’ve seen online.

     Thanks for sharing!

  6. I kind of like your #1 choice and the FREE to join is even better which makes me a little skeptical when I see FREE.  Questions:  Is it a 7 days free trial and then we will get charged?  Most people say free but ask for your credit card to charge it after your free trial.  If I do not have a credit card, will I be able to join?

    • Carole, 

      Thank you for your comment. The 7 day trial is free. You don’t have to have a credit card to get started. There is no fee or credit card to start. Then, if you decide to become a premium member you can pay for it and unlock everything that the platform offers. You can save a lot by paying for a year long membership or you can pay month by month. 

  7. Thanks for this valuable information. Due to self-quarantine, I have more free time and thinking about doing a freelance work. Do you have any suggestion where can I start doing writing job as freelancer? Also, this is the first time I heard about affiliate marketing. Does blogging still exist? I head about internet celebrities, but mostly are either Instagrammer or YouTuber.

    • For freelance writing you can go to Upwork, iwriter, BloggingPro or other numerous sites. Blogging is real and it is defiantly still a good plan. A lot of those Instagrammers and YouTubers use those platforms to promote their blogs in fact. 

      Thank you for your questions. 


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