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The Priorities of Life

Do you know what your top priorities are? The priorities of life are things most of us don’t think about enough. Maybe it’s time to really dig deep into finding out what is really important to you.

Really knowing your priorities can help in so many ways to achieving a life of more pleasure than pain.

I believe if we spend time to figure out what our top priorities are, we would achieve more of what we truly want.

What are priorities?

Priorities are what gives your life purpose. They give the meaning to your life and motivate you towards your goals.

Some examples of priorities are, your health, your financial growth, security, happiness, success and your kids. The list could go on forever.

Any area of your life you give your attention to could be considered a priority.

Put your priorities in order.

What are your top priorities? Which one is at the very top?

It’s alright if you don’t have a clear answer at this moment. What is important is trying to figure out the answers. If you can figure out the answers then, you can focus more on where your attention should go.

You will move toward what you think about the most.

What are you committed to?

What you are committed to becomes a priority for you. If you are committed to paying your bills then, your job is a priority. If you are committed to your kids overall development then, being the best dad is a priority.

Brainstorm a list of things you are committed to. Write as many down as you can. Next, put them in order of importance. Really dig deep and think about whether they are important to you.

For me, above all else, is my commitment to my son. That commitment has a big list of priorities attached to it. Some rank higher than others.

Ask yourself what makes these commitments important?

Now, look at the ones at the top of the list and ask it they are worthy of your constant attention.

Priorities can change.

Your priorities are likely to change throughout your life. There are people and things that come into and out of your life all the time. Once you have a clear list of your top priorities it doesn’t have to be etched in stone.

It would be good to revisit your list from time to time. See if the priority is actually relevant anymore. For example, your truck is finally paid off. Cross it off the list. Make a new top priority list.

If you refer back to this list often it can help you stay on track with your goals. If the things on the list are of absolute importance to you then you will find the motivation to give them your attention.

Make a public promise.

Make a specific promise to give your attention to your top 3 to 5 priorities. Promise to focus on them each day.

Be bold enough to write this promise down a display it in your house for all to see. Announce to the world that under no circumstances will you deviate from taking care of your top priorities.

This will help you get these priorities set down deep in your spirit and keep you on the right path for you. Look at it every morning to keep if fresh in your mind throughout the day.

My example of my public promise.

This promise is in my house, framed on my wall. I printed it on a nice piece of paper.


I promise to give constant & never-ending improvement to the following:

I promise to keep us safe, healthy and happy.

I promise to provide everything we need to live the flourishing, loving life we deserve.

I promise to keep this home in good working order.

I promise to consistently hold myself to a higher standard each and every day.

Russ Gall



Obviously you will have a completely different one than I have but, it is something that help me know where my focus should be.

The point I am making her is to define your top priorities and move toward taking care of them. Print out you promise and have it saved on your computer for future editing.

Get more help in areas such as this.

If you are looking for more help in areas like this, I have one amazing suggestion. Get a copy of the book by Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within“.

This book literally changed my life! Just reading it won’t get you the results you would hope for though. You will have to do the exercises planned out in the book to make a lasting change.

The exercises are easy and they will help you discover things about yourself you had no idea existed. It’s a long book and it will take some time to get through. When you get it, do yourself a favor and don’t put too much pressure on getting through it quickly.

Go ahead and click on the link above to check it out. You won’t be disappointed in the end.

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8 thoughts on “The Priorities of Life”

  1. Something simple like paying attention to priorities is always highly overlooked. Sometimes short term goals that end up meaning nothing take precedent over our major long term goals. With the current state of the world, some of the simple points made in your page really hit home. Most of the things we spend so much time and energy on are a waste. Such a shame.

  2. Now, It is obvious that this is a good post. I should first commend the level of effort in making this superb website with so much nice features and also writing an article on the priorities of life. everyone in life obviously has a priority and this is something that determines the level of success that we command.

  3. Hi Russ. I really believe we should all have that moment when we sit down and evaluate our priorities. I believe it should be done once a year.

    In these present circumstances we’re living I have had time to think. And considering things as how priorities has shifted along the years and goals I have been neglecting that form part of my priorities. This has been a very interesting read. Thank you very much!

  4.  we have to set our priorities right in life so as not to miss out on opportunities. I know that finding a good article does not come by so easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and writing an article to help others with useful information like this. thank you very much


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