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The Best Home Business to Start in a Recession

Do you feel like the dream of starting a business is over now. Think again. I am going to tell you about the best home business to start in a recession. Keep reading and you will see what it is, who should start it, and how to do it. I won’t have t tell you why it’s the best home business to start. You will agree with me in the end.

What is the Best Home Business to Start in a Recession?

Affiliate Marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply, affiliate marketing is a business where you build a website that promotes and reviews products through the writing of content. The content has links to an online store (like Amazon) where your readers can purchase the products you are reviewing and promoting (you can find an affiliate that can supply just about anything you can think of). When your readers purchase those items you get a commission from the seller. This process does not increase the price to the buyer.

As you direct more visitors to your website, more people will buy the product and in turn you will earn more income. You will work toward getting your website to appear on the first page of a Google search so that more people will find your website.

You can also, use social media to drive people to your website. Do this over and over with different product and/or reviews and that is how you scale your business. Rinse and Repeat. Savvy?

Who Should Start a Business Affiliate Marketing?

This is an easy one to answer. Anyone with a computer, laptop

The Best Home Business to Start in a Recession - deskor tablet with an internet connection and a passion for something. You only need basic computer skill and age doesn’t matter either. There are kids that are affiliate marketers at the age of 8. On the other end there are many that have online business well into their 80s.

The key to anyone starting an affiliate marketing business is the foundation. It’s easy to get stuck on simple things without a little training. This is where the HOW comes in.

How to Start a Home Business Affiliate Marketing.

First you pick a topic or niche. This can be anything you want, however try to pick something you are passionate about and you will have more success.

Next you build a website. This is not hard at all these days. You can have a live website in less hat 20 minutes. After you build you affiliate marketing business website you start adding content to it.

Learn, rinse repeat, learn.

To get the hands down, best training in the business that you can start for free see my #1 recommended method.

Once you start down this road, you will be up all night thinking of all the possibilities of success you will have with this. Now you have come to a decision point. Start now for free or just wonder what could have been.

Just remember, the pain of regret hurts a lot more than the pain of discipline. I hope to see you on the inside.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Home Business to Start in a Recession”

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed a different way to make some extra money or get into the online world of business. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a legit way to begin for all ages and experience levels. Thanks so much for your review, a lot of people will benefit from online marketing 2020 and beyond!

  2. Thank you for your post. In this special time, all is locked down in the home. It is indeed good time to do something for yourself. Sure it is good time to start your own home business.

    Here comes your article, which provide good advice on how to start home business. I particularly like your description on what is the best home business to start in a recession. I agree with you that affiliate marketing is one the best one to start in a recession.

    One major reason is that the start-up cost is almost zero. Anyone has ambition to make money online could start his/her business right now.

    It is kind of you sharing this important information with us.

  3. This is such a great article. I know there are hard times all over the globe right now as we are in a global depression. People don’t know what to do, they don’t know what their future holds and people are scared. Affiliate marketing is essentially bulletproof because everyone’s buying online these days and it’s only getting more and more popular. Thanks a lot.

    • Thank you Brandon! I’ts important to have some sort of a plan and affiliate marketing is one that can be started easy and can continue to be built up over time. 

  4. Hey; I agree with you that there is a best home business to start in a recession. And Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training for that business.

     My question, however, is: are there eight-year-olds successfully doing Affiliate Marketing? Millions of people are doing Affiliate Marketing via the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I am doing it so can anyone who desires to become an Affiliate Marketer.


    • Dorcas, 

      My son started affiliate marketing when he was 8 with Wealthy Affiliate. He is successful however, it took some time. He has a ton going on with school and baseball. His site didn’t promote anything for the first 6 months or so. This allowed him to build a following and then he started to implement products as he saw the visitor numbers go up. Because of Wealthy Affiliate he is probably more successful than a lot of other affiliate marketers. 


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