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Starting a Blog For Beginners

People often talk about blogs and wonder how they make money. It’s really a simple concept as I will show you in this post, starting a blog for beginners.

A blog doesn’t have to be one that makes money. There are plenty of blogs that exist just to share content on a particular subject.

I know that starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating, but even a trained monkey like me can learn easily. You can create your own blog and get things rolling in less than 20 minutes.

So What is a Blog?

Simply, a blog is a website that you can post articles, reviews, stories, thoughts or anything you want. You can also add picture and videos. The purpose of a blog is to share content with people that visit you website.

Bloggers write from their own perspective and that allows them to connect with their readers well. Most blogs have a comment section where the readers can comment of the article and the blogger can reply.

This, from the writer’s viewpoint is awesome, because then you don’t feel like you are putting content out there into the abyss hoping someone will get value from it.

What is Your Passion?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? If you have a passion (and we all do) for something you should start a blog about it. When you have passion for something it’s easy to talk about. Some people just won’t shut up about their passion.

You know these people. The same people that tell you the same exact story every time you see them. Somehow, they can’t seem to remember telling you.

Anyway, you can start a blog about anything in the whole wide world, or universe for that matter.

More Reasons You Should Start a Blog.

#1- Make Money

You can make a lot of money with a little time as a blogger if you do it correctly. Even part-time bloggers doing it for a side hustle can make some serious cash. This income becomes passive income. That’s the good part!

#2- To Learn More About Your Passion.

There is no doubt that you will learn a lot once you start. You will do research of specific things in your niche. After some time goes by and you have learned a ton you will be considered an authority in that field. People will look to you for the answers they need once you gain their trust.

#3- You Want to Share Your Story.

A lot of bloggers will write about their lives and provide some great stories. There a personal finance bloggers out there that share their earnings every month. Some will blow your mind!

#4- People make a lot of friends blogging.

When you are writing about something you enjoy, you end up engaging with like-minded people. This can lead to lasting friendships. Also, this keeps you engaged in your niche and your blog.

Enough of the Why! Tell Me How!

Starting a blog can be done in less than 20 minutes with basic computer skills. The problem I see is so many people just go to a blog host called BlueHost and pay for a domain and they are off to the races. There is no training there and you will get stuck very quickly.

The very best place I have found to start a blog is Wealthy Affiliate. It has, hands down the best simple training around. All the way from the very start to the finest details of making your website the best it can be.

Trust me! I tried a few of them. Unless you already know exactly what you are doing (in which case you wouldn’t be reading this) Wealthy Affiliate is a must.

Starting a blog for beginners - University

Once you sign up for the Wealth Affiliate platform you will be trained on how to do a few things like;

Pick a blog name and brain storming the niche you want. The (niche) is the topic you will be blogging about like, skydiving or the best dog beds.

Choosing a domain name. This is the www.Blah blah part.

Anyway, it is step by step by step.

  • The first lesson it called getting started.
  • #2 is understanding how to make money online.
  • #3 is Choose a Niche.
  • #4 is Building your own niche website.

This goes on and on and on. Step by step by step. Until you have the perfect website ready to earn passive income. All you do from there is add to it.

There are 5 ways that I know of to get help if you get stuck in Wealthy Affiliate.

  • The normal training lessons. Written and video form.
  • The 24/7 community help
  • The weekly live webinar training (which is recorded and added so you can search for specifics).
  • Community posted training. You can search that easily for specifics as well.

And 24/7 technical support. (I broke one of my sites bad one time. I was doing something I should not have been doing and I thought it was all lost. I sent a note to them and in the morning I had a note back that everything was back to normal. Whew!)

I caution you to chose anything except Wealthy Affiliate to help you! I tried a few and failed with them.

How to Make Money.
There are a few ways bloggers make money.

  • Sell advertising space
  • Promote products and earn commissions. (affiliate marketing)
  • Google Adsense (you know the box that is in a website that somehow knows what to advertise to you based on what you like)
  • Sell courses you made.
  • Sell books you wrote.

Before you try to make any money you want to get trained on how to start everything out correctly. Don’t make the same mistakes I did and waste a year of hard work.

Final Thoughts

If you have toyed with the idea of a blog for a little while I suggest you let go of the fear and jump right in. The first night will be a tough one the fall asleep because so much will be running through your head. I know you won’t have any problem getting up tough because you will just want to get right back on that horse.

Whether you want to start a blog and just see where it goes from there or you are serious about building a real life passive income business, just go ahead and click the button below and sign up for free. You have nothing to lose but time.

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14 thoughts on “Starting a Blog For Beginners”

  1. From a very young age, the idea of blogging has always come and gone but I have never thought of it as a big option because I didn’t know so much about tech and so the idea was just like a pice of dirty of the beach that washes away. Now, you have revamped that idea by sharing this post. I think my passion can make me some more y and I’ll be able to receive a while lot of insights too. I can share my story and still make money. It’s a perfect idea. Thanks

  2. Wow😍 this is highly informative! This is very useful for all bloggers like me who’s new in the game. I’ve sincerely noticed that you learn more about your passion as you grow in the blogging which is equally helping others and also help you.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s cool!

  3. Hi Russ. This really is an interesting offer. I like the idea. I didn’t know that somebody as me with no previous knowledge on marketing could do it. Thank you very much for sharing your experience building your own blog and how just last year you knew nothing about it. You have encouraged me to give it a try. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing this very interesting and helpful piece here. Making money online while seating at the comfort of home is one thing that we all crave for but very little sets of individuals are able to achieve it. It becomes a lot more complicated especially when we don’t even know where to get started with it. However, this post has enlightened me more on the major reasons why most people find it quite difficult to earn a decent living because they neglect their passion. Thanks

  5. Hello Russ, it’s beautiful seeing tips on how to help newbie get on with their blog and like we all know, a lot of them have little knowledge of it and would need a good training like that of wealthy affiliate to help them understand all they need to get their site running. We all have various reasons why we want to start our blog but all the zeal we still need a good trainer. I will suggest wealthy affiliate to anyone at anytime .

    • Benson, 

      You are right on with Wealthy Affiliate. If someone doesn’t get the help they need it’s because they aren’t asking in my opinion. 


  6. Awesome article and outline regarding on how to get started. Starting a blog is definitely a simple, yet thought-provoking concept that seems more complicated than it is. My best advice is to always find something you’re passionate about and wanting to work toward every single day. When you can blog about something you love, you’re going to be in the blogging field for a long, long time. And you’ll succeed. 

  7. Hi, I started creating my blog two weeks ago. I was not lucky enough to read yours to get an idea what to talk about. To tell the truth, my first post, when I published it. I wasn’t even sure of what I did. But I was lucky to find members like those in WA. To learn to be myself. To get out of that circle of everyday life, which chains us. And to start living. To socialize. I went very long. However article, and beautiful. It is very informative. Looking forward to the next post, I wish you a good job.

    • Georgi, 

      Thank you for your great comment. Starting a blog is the first and hardest step. Great job and keep with it. 


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