Weird Stuff I Learned Last Week - Funny

Some Weird Stuff I Learned Last Week

Hey Y’all, Here is some weird stuff I learned last week. Some are funny, but most of all, pretty much useless.

Anyway, I hope you get a little kick out of them.

Bigfoot’s Footprints

Did you know that Bigfoot’s footprints always have a wider heel than a human’s? Also, There is never an arch! That’s right, a Bigfoot is completely flat-footed.

How to differentiate a Bigfoot footprint from a bear footprint.

A bear’s footprint always has the middle toes out in front of the toes on either side.

A Bigfoot footprint always has the big toe out in front of the other toes.


Don’t Use Too Hot of Water To Warm Up Frostbite.

Very important! If you use really hot water to warm up frozen skin that may have frost bite it’s not good!

Let’s say you have some frozen fingers that are in real danger of frostbite. If, you use hot water to warm them up, and thaw your skin before your blood thaws, the skin will die. OUCH!

I also learned that, it should take the same amount of time to thaw your ice cubed fingers, or little piggies as it took to freeze them.

They told me that 98 to 100 degree water seems to be the optimal temp to bring them back up to temp.

Really though, you are supposed to let the pros take care of it for you. Get to Dr. “Warm your butt up”, so you don’t have to make a visit to Dr. Frankenstein.

America’s Top Fears 2018

I read an article from Chapman University about America’s top fears in 2018. This was a random study of 1,190 adults across the US. Enjoy!

Here are the top 10 fears in  america for 2018.

#10- Fear of high medical bills at 53%

#9- Fear of global warming & climate change at 53%

#8- Fear of extinction of plant and animal species at 54%

#7- Fear of air pollution at 55%

#6- Fear of people I love dying at 56%

#5- Fear of people I love becoming seriously ill at 57%

#4- Fear of not having enough money in the future at 57%

#3- Fear of pollution of drinking water at 61%

#2- Fear of pollution of oceans, rivers and lakes at 62%

#1- Fear of corruption from government officials at 74%

A few differences from 2016 an 2017

Corrupt government officials was the biggest fear all three years.

In 2016 #2 was fear of a terrorist attack. #3 remained the same with not having enough money in the future.

Not having enough money in the future was replaced by pollution of oceans, river and lakes as #3 in 2017.

Not having enough money in the future dropped to #5 in 2017.

Weird Stuff I Learned Last Week - Spider

And I thought a lot of people were afraid of spiders and snakes! Haha!

Coming in at #67, spiders made the list at 26%, just above the fear of Demons at 20.8%.

Snakes put up a solid number in 2018 at #62 with 24.1%

A couple of other interesting ones—

People are more afraid of zombies than clowns yet, there are more of both than animals. Weird? I don’t know.

Enough about FEAR!

Weird Stuff I Learned Last Week - Clown

Worms Technically have only 1 leg.

That’s right! An 8 year-old boy finally told me the truth about worms. His exact words. “You know, worms technically have only one leg”.

Weird Stuff I Learned Last Week - Worm

Yep! out of the blue. Nothing being said previously about worms, at least not to my knowledge.

I asked “OK then, how many arms do they have?”

He looked at me like “Are you stupid or something”.

Then he said, “None! A Worm is just a leg with a mouth”.

Oh…..duh! Of course, they are just a leg with a mouth. How could I be so ignorant?

Well, that’s all I got for you for now. I hope you enjoyed the weird stuff I learned last week.

8 thoughts on “Some Weird Stuff I Learned Last Week”

  1. Wow, you found a lot of different corners of the internet last week! 🙂 

    There is a bigfoot exhibit near my home, and a lot of sightings in the area, but I have never realized how to spot the tracks in the wild. This may come in handy someday. 

    It’s interesting that corruption was top of mind in 2018, but we weren’t really thinking about big pandemic outbreaks. It will be interesting to see what else makes the list when we learn about the top fears for America in 2020. 

  2. Wow, i must say that this really was weird stuff! The trust in government officials  i could have almost guessed, I think this opinion is similar all over the world wherever you go. But interesting facts about America´s top fears.

    I dont like spiders myself. so i would put spiders further up. 

    Nice one about worms having just one leg. You usually get the truth from small children ad you can´t argue against it either.

    Good blogpost, with weird and strange stuff that you really don’t think or now about before seeing it on a blog like yours.

    kind regards,


  3. Helooo,

    Nice blog, I can’t just help it but to keep on laughing. These stuffs are indeed weird and really funny you know.

    But funny enough you know I never knew worms had legs. Lolz this is really really funny. I really enjoyed your blog looking forward to seeing more of this.

  4. If the  1% weren’t so corrupt things in the world would be different and if greed wasn’t a factor, Mother Earth would be different too and those worms would be a lot happier. 🙂

    Snakes – Definitely no1. never want to meet one oh and crocodiles!!!! Oh me, now they are scary.

    Think I’ll go back to my garden now and tell my worms the news of the day

    Thanks for being weird- you rock


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