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Small Home Business Ideas

Today more than ever people are looking for small home business ideas. With all the uncertainty right now many aren’t sure if they will have a job tomorrow, or have already become a victim of our growing global problem.

My advice is to not have a victim mentality and start thinking about abundance. Get your creative juices flowing and find a way to make money with a home business.

Here are a few ideas to get your brain going in the right direction.

Take surveys online

There are places you can sign up for and get paid to take surveys. Some will give you a little bonus just for signing up. This is a big business and people really do make money.

From my research of these companies, it will take a lot of constant effort to earn any real amount of money. You can get paid to your PayPal account or redeem your pay for gift cards with some companies.

A few top ones to check out-Small Home Business Ideas - Swagbucks


Survey Junkie

Inbox Dollars

Make sure you do some research to find out what one will work bet for you.

Get paid for shopping online

If you are already doing a lot of shopping online then you might consider this method. When you sign up with one of these programs you get cash back on purchases you make online. The cash back percentage varies and isn’t a lot. It can add up over time though.

Personally, it seems weird to have to buy something every time you want to make money. To me this wouldn’t constitute as a real home business, but you may be able to make some quick cash.

A few top ones to look at-Small Home Business Ideas - Rakuten




Again, do some research to find the one that will work best for you.

Real estate investing

This can be a very expensive business to start up front. Over the long term though, you could have a very nice retirement fund. One way to mitigate the up front expense it to participate in crowdfunding.

crowdfunding is where you invest some of your money in real estate. Investors pool all the money invested to buy and manage properties. Then you own your own piece of the real estate pie.

I caution you to do as much research as you can before jumping into this business. Some companies let you start investing with very little money, while others require a significant minimum investment. Then there are terms for when you can take your money back out.

See a few to check out here-





Please do some real investigating before you decide you want to give these people your money.

Invest in stocks

Investing in stock has always been around as a way to have a business at home. If you really know what you are doing it can be very lucrative. Right now more than ever there is a lot of uncertainty so beware. It is a risky business.

You will need to read plenty of books and gain as much knowledge in this before pulling the trigger. Then you need to find the right brokerage to do business with.

Often people get into investing in stock and then their emotions will lead them instead of the research. Sometimes people will dump their stock out of fear. Sometimes they will dump the stock for lower than they bought it for and obviously this is not a good business plan.

If you plan to get into this my advice is to only use money you aren’t afraid to lose.

A few brokerages to look at-

TD Ameritrade


Ally Invest

Please be very cautious with this business idea.

Become an ebook Author

These days anyone can write a book and have it published on the internet. Some people have made fortunes out of this business idea.

If you love to write it helps, but maybe you have great information about a subject like, losing weight. You could write a book about ways to lose weight.

Some people make a lot of money selling training courses. If you know a way to solve other peoples problems, then you can make a training course.

There are a lot of websites you can place your e book on to sell however, having a blog can really help to promote your ebook.

If this is a good plan for you I suggest you get a blog and get an audience. See below.


There are people that have blogging as a full time home business. You can start a blog by getting a website and posting articles about your interests.

The best part about a blog is it can be about literary anything. There are blogs about throw pillows. rocks and water. The key is to have a blog about your passion so you will love to go to work.

Going to work could quite possibly going from your bed to your couch. Wherever you are comfortable with your laptop is a great office.

Blogging can earn money in many many different ways. It all depends on your effort and attitude.

What you need-

A computer, laptop or tablet. (It could prove to be a little difficult on your phone only).

An internet connection.

The best part is you can actually start this process for free!

If you really want to start a home bases business with unlimited earning potential, check out my #1 recommended method.

You can actually start right now without any money up front. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme as it will take hard work and drive to succeed. With time though, you can, and people do, earn real passive income.

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6 thoughts on “Small Home Business Ideas”

  1. Hi, Russ,

    I tried surveys a couple of years ago and they take too much time to complete. On top of that, the pay is minimal. It’s not worth the effort in my opinion.

    I imagine real estate investing is expensive. Do you have any idea of what is a reasonable investment to start with?

    Out of all the ideas you mention, I think I could write an ebook. Most people use Amazon if I’m not mistaken. Do you know how much their commission is?

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas. Look forward to your reply.

    • Enrique, 

      Thanks for your comment. There are different platforms that you can invest in with real estate crowdfunding. I believe you can start for as little as $100. Most want you to put in at least $500. 

      Amazon is a good place to sell an e book, but I don’t know what the pay percentage is. 

  2. This is an awesome article about small home business, this is the kind of article people need to see, to guide them in making the right decision about business, it is really cool to know that you can make money while shopping online, how great can that be, that’s really awesome, i enjoying writing so i think being an ebook Author will be nice..Blogging wont be a bad idea.. thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Russ! A dear friend of mine just pitched me this article and I must say thank you so much to you for writing this and to my friend for sending it to me.

    I didn’t know there were all these cool ideas that didn’t involve taking surveys. I’ve already done that and no thanks. I like the idea of blogging. Going to work equals going from my bedroom to my couch! Cool! 

    • Ann, 

      Thanks for your comment. Give it a try and ask me any questions you have along the way. If I don’t have the answer I know where to find it in Wealthy Affiliate. Be ready to give it your all and take it serious. If you do, you will be rewarded. 


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