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Small Business Ideas For Kids Online

Do you have kids that are interested in making money? Check out these small business ideas for kids online. There a some kids out there that are learning how to earn a living and are creating good work ethic habits. There are many business ideas for kids.  I believe we as parents, should be encouraging them. We have to instill great belief systems on our kids early to help them navigate this crazy world. Present some small business ideas for kids online to your kids and watch their imaginations go wild!

Listen to them and you might just find the newest, best small business ideas an make millions. It’s happened before so don’t knock it!

I remember my son asking me for his own bank account at 4 years old. He is always trying to come up with the next best business idea. Early on I realized I had two choices. I could either try to talk him out of the thought of working or I could encourage his thinking and try my best to help him. He has some interesting business ideas for kids.

I chose to encourage him in hopes he wouldn’t develop a negative attitude toward money and working. Today, he currently has a blog about animals where he promotes products. He earns money as an affiliate marketer. This is a great business idea for kids. Can you say low start up cost!

Here are some business ideas for kids to think about if you have kids that are on the look out to make money.

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Earn Money On YouTube.

You have seen them. Crazy kids making stupid videos on their YouTube channel hoping that people will watch them. Well, people do watch them. Some of these stupid videos earn money for the kids posting them.

Good videos with great content will get views. Without views there is no business.

The videos make money in different ways. If hey get enough views then YouTube will pay because there are ads attached to the videos. The videos can make money promoting products. They can also be a great way to drive traffic to a money making website.

It’s a big world of videos out there. I will take a while to create a following.

What do you think about this small business idea for kids online?

Live Streaming Video Games on Twitch.

This one is very popular. Mostly popular with kids that just want to watch. To make money you live stream yourself playing video games. People can pay to subscribe to your channel and you earn money. Simple, but tough.

To create a following you would need to offer the watcher a great experience while watching you play.Small Business Ideas For Kids Online - Gamer

I really don’t want my son watching or playing enough video games to make something out of this. As a parent, you decide what is best for your kids with this.

Take Surveys Online.

You can actually take surveys online and get paid for them. Sign up for places like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. This one seems okay for kids to do since they can earn a few extra bucks which might get them excited about the whole idea.

They won’t be able to pay the mortgage with this, and I’m not sure how much they will actually learn about building an online business.

Sell Stuff on eBay.

Anyone can sign up to sell stuff on eBay. eBay has a complete guide on how to do this. The concept is, you either sell stuff you already have, or find a distributor that offers something that you want to sell. Buy it for less than you sell it for on eBay.

Another simple concept, however there is a lot of competition there are it’s hard to promote what you are selling.

Start a Blog.

This is my first recommendation to help your kid start a business online. This is something you can help with along the way and then you will have the benefit of having a strong relationship with your kid.

Basically, you set up a website and your kid writes about whatever interest they have. They gain more traffic to their site as they write more content on it. From there they can promote products as an affiliate marketer. In time this will give them a nice passive income flow.

As you help them with their site you, as a parent should have or own blog about your interest as well. You will be learning how to do this right along with your kid.

That is what I did and it works fantastic. You should see my friends faces when I mention my son has a blog. Then I tell them that it earns money and it floors them. It’s priceless!

Small Business Ideas for Kids Online - Lemonade Stand

It’s Very Easy to Start.

To start a real business that you and your kid will be excited about is very easy. Start with a blog and become an affiliate Marketer.

The very best place to do this, hands down, is Wealthy Affiliate. My son started with their training at age 8 and didn’t have any trouble getting it going. Sign up today for the free trial. The free trial last 7 days, but by the end of the day today your kid will have a real website up and running. Then, before you know it you are helping your kid with a real true business.

Click the button below. Once you sign up you will have all the necessary training. The training uses both written and video courses. It’s really easy to follow. Like I said, my 8 year old had no problem and was posting articles and pictures to his very own website the first day. After the 7-day trial period you will know if this is something your kid will enjoy and learn from.

This is a great chance to do something really fun with your kid. I know I learned, and continue to learn, a lot about my son that I never would have.

I will see you on the inside. When you get in there please say hello.

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10 thoughts on “Small Business Ideas For Kids Online”

  1. Hi There,

    I didn’t know that kids could make money online at all. Reading your website really explains a lot and I can’t see any problem with this as long as its learning for them and moms and dad like the idea. These days kids seem to know more than us, to be honest with their hi-tech gadgets. I really enjoyed this website thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello!

    I think it is amazing that your son is an affiliate marketer. So, you are now both working on your own websites?

    Video games are huge now and there’s a lot of money in it. I know of some YouTubers who make loads of money just by filming themselves play … I don’t play videogames, and I can understand why you’d prefer your son to make money with other activities. I had never heard of Twitch before. I thought it was all done on YouTube.

    Blogging is a nice way for kids to learn about earning money online, and it will improve their writing skills. 

    is Wealthy Affiliate a good platform to learn, is it easy to navigate for kids?

    • Christine, 

      My son has his own website about animals. He uses Wealthy Affiliate and does just fine. He started with Wealthy Affiliate when he was 12 years old, but he would have been fine with it at age 8 I’m sure. It probably depends on the kid as to when they should start. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  3. I feel that it’s a good idea for kids to be able to make money from their young age so they can feel motivated about this as they grow older. However, I had no idea that there were this many ways for kids to earn online until I read this informative post. I’ll look more into creating a blog for my daughter as this could be quite fun and lucrative for her. 

    • I guaranty she will have fun. Thanks for your comment. And thanks for reading small business ideas for kids online. 

  4. Hello there thanks for this review. These are really cool ways in which kids could make money. I think it is not enough to buy them video games, keep them busy with online business and by doing that you are as well training them to be self-dependent. I think all kids should be empowered one way or the other as it will help them while growing up.

  5. That’s amazing that your Son got into an entrepreneurial mindset so young and has been allowed to develop and grow with it. It’s quite refreshing to hear actually. I remember back when I was just starting high school (I’m 24 so about 13 years back) there was always that kid who got in trouble for selling chewing gum at a pound a stick and they always got shut down because it wasn’t the done thing. But in my opinion it should be encouraged. Entrepreneurial skills are massively transferable and if they learn at a young age fair play to them. Good on you for being the one to encourage your son to a successful future 😊


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