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Simple Monthly Budget With Net Worth

Do you have a monthly budget? Do you use a tool to track all your hard-earned money? A Simple Monthly Budget with Net Worth.

Check out this one I stole from J. Money! Simple Monthly Budget With Net Worth

Single Father Stuff - Simple Month Budget With Net Worth

Awe! Come On! Yes, I stole it, but he said I could. Haha! This budget tool is awesome! You should give it a try.

This thing will do 3 things:

-Hold you accountable

-keep your mind on saving

-You will always be looking for ways to find/make more money!

Is a Monthly Budget Important?

Sure it is!

Did you ever hear of a story some guy tells about your financial house being in order? (some motivational guy, I can’t remember his name so I apologize).

Anyway, this “motivational guy”, (no, he did’t live in a van down by the river) talks about how we should all have a red light on the top of our houses.

This red light has to be turned on at someones house if they owe a debt, or their financial house wasn’t in order. (I assume he means bad debt such as credit cards or anything else that would have a high interest rate since I do believe there is a thing called good debt.)

The only way to get the light to turn off is to pay the debt in full.Simple Monthly Budget with Net Worth - Red

His point is – We would all work a lot harder to get that light to turn off if everyone else knows why it is on.

Use it! It’s easy.

Go ahead and download the easy peezy Monthly Budget. Steal it like I did. Change it and ask for help if you get stuck. Just come back and drop me a comment.

Go for it and figure out your net worth as well. Every month, watch the net worth grow until you are so stinkin rich you just don’t care anymore. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

Once you hit that million net worth mark you can turn on a green light on top of your house. On second thought, that wouldn’t be a good Idea unless you have a great security alarm like this big mean dog. Haha!

Simple Monthly Budget With Net Worth - dog

Take some action and get it done! Then keep doing it.

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7 thoughts on “Simple Monthly Budget With Net Worth”

  1. You bet I’m stealing this too.. well like you. Haha. I’m happy that I can really track my expenses and see how much I have been spending on so much and also I’ll be able to cut down on all my excesses in the same vein. I understand that this times are hard and it’s a good time to use the app. I’ll get it downloaded. Thanks!

  2. Wow! This is really great to see here and thank you so much for sharing here. To be honest, getting something like this would aid us to ginger ourselves into making more worthwhile work that can bring results which would help to stay off the red zones. This us surely a must get for Me. Thanks

  3. Wow, This Single Daddy loves this!! 

    This is a  great idea and I am glad you are can share it, I can see this becoming an integral part of my monthly budget planning! 

    I think by joining a Budget and assets together on one page, will give a much clearer picture on whats going on with your finances and have better control on what’s going on with them each month! 

    The Monthly Budget will be very popular! your page is bookmarked in case I need to ask any further questions! 

    • Darren, 

      Thank you for your comment. The net worth being on the same spreadsheet is awesome. It’s actually fun to fill out. 

  4.  I’m not a big fan of budgeting…at least the old fashioned way of manually writing down every penny you spend and rifling through receipts every month. But that does not mean I don’t track my money!

    I think i would start to do so now as i have seen that it would be very profitable for me…thanks for sharing this awesome article i hope it helps us all.

  5. Hi, Thank you so very much for your review of the Monthly Budget With Net Worth. Personally, I have learned a lot from here. I actually love the fact that using this method will help me see how much I am spending and on what; and also track my money to decrease my expenses in some areas.  Thanks.


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