Primerica MLM Review - Scam

Primerica MLM Review

Is there big money in selling insurance products and mutual funds? After all, what could more fun than insurance? Haha. The good news is Primerica focuses on providing insurance to the average Joe, your best friends. You can be that guy at your friends parties that everyone wants to talk to, and make great money while telling all those funny jokes. Really? Let’s look a little deeper in to it. In this Primerica MLM Review we will see if this MLM opportunity is a good thing for you, or will you feel like a used car sales person.

I’m not sure if I can make a review about selling insurance a fun read, but I will do my best. When I was young, my dad owned a business on Main St. of a really small one stop light town. I would help in the summers watching the storefront for him while he worked in the garage.

One day, a man wearing a suit, with a brief case in toe, walked in. I ran to the door of the garage and yelled “Dad, there’s a guy here and he looks like an insurance salesman”. You see, people didn’t walk in my dad’s store wearing a suit and tie looking for fishing worms.

Anyway, the guy says “Wow, is it that obvious that I sell insurance?”. Turns out I was right in my assumption. I thought, I was pretty cool as a 10-year-old being able to sniff out an insurance salesmen. Okay, back to business.

What I Like About Primerica MLM

  • Recurring money on monthly fees
  • Strong financial stability
  • Many educational resources

What I Don’t Like About Primerica MLM

  • Hard sell to clients due to MLM structure
  • Many BBB complaints
  • Long start up before the money opportunity comes in


What is Primerica?

Primerica is on the New York Stock Exchange (PRI) and is Headquartered in Duluth, GA. The company was founded in 1977 by Arthur L. Williams Jr.

This company primarily sells term life insurance as well as mutual funds, annuities and a whole host of other insurance and financial services. They report to have over 130,000 independent licensed representatives, focus on selling these products to the middle class.

The Primerica MLM Opportunity

As a Primerica Representative you can sell all kinds of different insurance policies and financial services. First, you have to be a licensed insurance broker. This is part of the slow start up before money making begins. You will have to take all the required exams and to sell certain products they offer. Do some research on this first. Most will require quite a bit of training and out-of-pocket expense to get it rolling.

While in training (with your own money) and studying for the required exams they want you to be recruiting new representatives.

Check out this video “A Simple Philosophy” to answer more questions about this.

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The Cost to Join Primerica

There is a one time fee of $99 to get started. Then, you will also pay an extra $25 every month to have access to their intranet website (Primerica Online).

Don’t forget, there will be fees for licensing and exams. Also, you will want your own type of business insurance to protect yourself. There could be many hidden cost to really start this business. Do your research!

The Big Question! Can You Make Money?

Everything you will sell as a Primerica Representative will have a different commission structure. The commissions go up as you recruit more representative to work under you. Hence, MLM (multi level marketing).

Oh, this selling of insurance and financial services sounds like so much fun! Maybe not. Think about whether this type of business will involve your passion in life. From my experience, you have to be passionate about your business to really make it work. It will be hard enough to sell insurance. Even harder, selling someone on the idea of selling insurance.

Primerica MLM Review - Commission


Recurring commissions on monthly fees

If you get enough sales this can become a type of passive income for a little while.

Strong Financial Stability

This means that most likely the company isn’t going away anytime soon.

Many educational resources

At the very least you would learn a ton about the insurance and financial services industry.


It will be hard to sell to clients due to the MLM Structure

People that will do the research on the company may be hesitant when they see that it is a MLM. Many people associate MLM with scams and pyramid schemes. They will most likely do their research since this won’t be a sell on the spot type of product.

Many Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints

Terrible customer support has led to 113 BBB complaints (as of the last time I checked). This will make things even more difficult once people do their research on Primerica.

Long start up process before any effort towards making money can happen

You will have to be licensed and pass certain exams before you can sell. Most people don’t have this patience and drive and plenty of people won’t have a passion for the insurance and financial services business.

Is Primerica MLM a Scam?

Check out all the reviews for yourself to truly answer this. When you read the reviews you will find most being good at the top, but it gets darker from there. Go down and you will find man people that aren’t happy and feel like they were scammed.

I suppose this could be true for any insurance company. After all, the sale people don’t make money unless they make a sale so many might make promises the company can’t deliver. Insurance sales is a tough gig. Primerica says you can just do it in your spare time and enjoy success. I believe you would have to go all in, day in and day out to realize any real benefit from this.


Like I said, selling insurance is a tough gig to make anything out of it. I know there are some that have a knack for it and do really well. I can say it is not for me. I wouldn’t want to put out that kind of money and invest that kind of time just to be able to go out and sell a product that nobody even wants to talk about.

If you want to build a real business that you can be passionate about. Start one about your passion so you will be interested in it! Check out my #1 recommended method for starting a business for more information on this. You can get everything you will need to start a business you can scale right away, and you can start right now from free to test it out.

Take action and build some real success!

Primerica MLM Review - Start


Primerica MLM











  • Recurring Commissions
  • Strong Financial Stability
  • Many Educational Resources


  • Hard Sell Due to MLM
  • Many BBB Complaints
  • Long and Expensive Start Up

8 thoughts on “Primerica MLM Review”

  1. I liked that story when you sniffed out an insurance sales man when you were 10, cute story 😉 

    My father sold some insurance as a side hustle and according to him he made some money with it.

    i have some doubts about Primerica, though. They require you to pay for your training? Should companies not provide training free of charge? It also looks like it will take a long time before you start making money. That would be ok if I was passionate about it, but I can’t imagine myself being passionate about insurance. Customer service complaints are also a big turn of for me. To me, a good helpdesk is important for a company.

  2. I appreciate you sharing an honest review on Primerica MLM. From the video, I can see they have a niche they are out to serve and this shows the target market for me as a potential marketer of the product. 

    Much as the business is good with recurring commissions that can secure financial freedom, I realise that a lot of time and commitment is needed not forgetting the initial cash needed to start off. The 5.5 rating isn’t attractive either.
    I would easily go with your recommended method of starting a business because I believe more in the potential of affiliate marketing.
    Thank you for the review, Russ.

  3. Heloo thanks for sharing this review on primerica. For my own opinion, primerica is not a scam. It’s a system where you have to deal with the sales of insurance, multi level marketing tools and financial tools. A system where by it becomes very difficult to earn as a result of the multi level Marketting structure is not worth it. I wouldn’t advice anyone to venture in it because it’s very strenuous and time and money consuming with less earnings but it’s not a scam. 

  4. Hi! I came around an offer to join Primerica not long ago. But didn’t even consider it 2 months ago when the offer was made. But today, conditions are different and I have begun to check again all these offers.

    I don’t like it has so many complaints at BBB. And I don’t like either that the process to begin generating revenue from it is long and expensive. Although there are several things I like from Primerica, due to these cons, I’ll keep away from them.


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