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Online Work From Home

Are you looking for online work from home? There are actual ways to make money online from home. Some people have full time jobs with it and others, just want to earn extra money. Some people find that the side hustle or, side gig can really pay off.

Check out some ways to earn money working from home below.

Data Entry

Data entry is something a lot of big business need help with. Some need this data to measure their businesses performance, help track shipments, or keep good records of their inventory.

Someone looking for a data entry job would need to have great typing skills and a computer. Most data entry workers are can work from home. This job is attractive because of the flexibility of a work schedule.

Data entry worker can expect to earn around $30,000/year on average.

Find job postings for this type of work at, and

Representative for a Call-Center

Since so many businesses simply operate online these days, they need people answer their phone calls they receive. Many of these people work from home.

The call-center representatives will answer questions, provide customer service, handle complaints, and process orders. Basically, they help take care of the businesses customers.

Representatives for call-centers earn $30,000/year on average.

To find job postings go to the same places as above., and

Freelance Writer

Online business need people to write content for them. They need articles about trends for their type of business. They need content that is creative and unique that they can put on their websites to get readers intrigued.

Sites that need freelance writers outsource their content that gets put on the website. You would need a solid portfolio of great writing to get hired for this. Also, you would need to have multiple businesses hire you to write for them to make and real substantial money.

The average freelance writer makes around $60,000/year.

To get these type of gigs again try,, and

You will have to love writing and may have to pretend to love the topic you are writing about.

Web Developer

Many business outsource people to build websites for them. They don’t have the know how, or don’t have the time to learn. Building a website isn’t hard these days. It can be done at home on a computer. You don’t need special training as there is a lot of free help out there. It is easy to get stuck searching for that help though.

Click here for my #1 recommendation for complete step by step instructions for free if you want to learn how to build a website.

Learning computer coding is not required to set up and maintain a website.

To find gigs like this you will need to shoe a history proving that you know what you are doing. This can be done very quickly with my recommendation above.

Web developers on the average earn $70,000/year. These are seasoned web developers that have a lot of drive to find business.


Being a blogger may be the best work at home job. It will take a little time to start to see any earning, but with drive and willingness to learn it can be very lucrative. Bloggers build websites with content on a particular topic or niche.

This content brings people to their website where they can buy products through affiliate links. Bloggers also make money from sponsored posts and Google Adsence.

You don’t have to be an exceptional writer to have a successful blog. It’s not expensive to start and maintain. Most people have a blog that they work on in their spare time. The amount of time and effort you put in will directly affect your earning with a blog.

The best part about a blog, you write about what you are interested in. Your passion is your business. Everyone wants a job that is about their passion and pays the bills.

Earning for a blogger is too hard to determine. There are blogs that simply exist and don’t even try to earn money while others (and quite a few of them) earn $200,000/year in passive income.

To start this kind of work click on how to start a blog. This is by far the best place to get started and grow a real business. They have all the step by step training anyone can follow at any age. My son started his blog at 8 years old.

Final thoughts

Whether you just need a little extra money or need a full time job I hope you will find something here that can help you. It’s important that we don’t become victims of the unfortunate circumstance of how the world is changing. We need to stand up and take action to get ahead of the new way of life.

I would like to challenge you to do something about your future starting right now. If you are ready to make a real change and build a real business. Go ahead and click below. You won’t be asked for a credit card and you most certainly can start for free. There is nothing to lose and it’t not a get-rich-quick scheme, MLM, or pyramid program.

It will give you the opportunity to have your own business where you have the full say in the business.

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  1. Hi thanks for this article.hi guys i have been looking for a job since last 1 year and i preferred to work online as it saves my time and it is easy to access. It takes a lot of time to search a job which can satisfy your needs and help u to earn money. if you are looking for a satisfied online job then I will recommend wealthy affliate.its is an easy platform with free training lesson and easy to make money too.

  2. Among the ways to earn money working from home that were mentioned here in this article, it is blogging that appealed much to me as I want to earn a residual type of online income, like a “do-it-once, get-paid-for-a-lifetime” type of income. I’ve been studying it for about two to three months, and I noticed that someone can post an article or blog post once, and the blog post can make you money for months or even years to come provided it reach the top of the search engine results pages. That’s the kind of income I am dreaming of!

    Before I finally dive into blogging, I’d like to see your expert advice. In choosing the direction of my blogging, which one should I choose? To pick a niche or to just do personal blogging which is posting on the Internet any updates that’s happening with my personal life.

    • Gomer, 

      Thank your for your comment. People make picking a niche a lot harder than it needs to be. First, what is your passion? What would get you out of bed everyday that you can be excited about. Once you have that, start writing content about your niche. 

      Try to brainstorm products related to your niche. Find 3 or 4 top products and write about them. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you could change your mind right after you get started and that would be fine. Just take that first step and don’t worry let fear hold you back. 


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