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Low motivation? What to do when you get the blahs

Hello everyone! Let’s see if I can help you out today with low motivation. Maybe, my own words can help me in some way too. What kind of crazy voodoo crap do I need to do to get motivated?

You start out excited about something and then, that birthday balloon goes flying across the room loosing all its air. Blah. Here we go. That “I don’t really care” feeling turns into “why can’t I ever get anything done” feeling.

Then, you end up all mad at yourself. You start to think you are worthless and then you can’t sleep. You think the dog doesn’t even want you to pet him and won’t come in the house.

You think you stink bad even though you just took a shower.

Sorry! Off track and rambling again….

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What to Do When You Get the Blahs

Are there things you can do to get your mojo back? I don’t know and don’t really care. Haha! Just kidding. Let’s explore what to do to get some motivation.

How about getting some fresh air?

Go outside and take that pig headed dog for a walk. Get some of your endorphins pumping and see what that feels like. At least the dog will be happy smelling something besides you.

Maybe a little sunshine could liven up your mood and get you headed back on the right track.

Get some exercise.

Go down in that dark cold basement. Turn on some music. Take the clothes off your closet in the basement (or treadmill as it is commonly known) and walk a little bit. Sure you forgot a water bottle, but you can handle not having it for the 5 minutes you walk on it before you feel it is worthless.

No more talking bad about yourself.

Seriously man, the negative self-talk has to stop, or at least slow down you lousy piece of…..Woops! I didn’t mean that.

Negative self-talk won’t help you out, so be nice to yourself. It’s okay if your motivation is a little low right now. You just don’t want it to be the normal.

Low Motivation - Madness

Put what you are putting off on the schedule.

How many of you make a list of “to do’s” every day? You know the list. The one you write something down on that you already did just so you can cross it off. That’s okay too! Whatever helps you feel like you accomplished something.

If you put something you need to do in the near future down on the list you are more likely to do it.

Re-connect with your why.

If you are struggling to get something started or keep it going ask yourself if it is inline with your why. Everones Why is different.

What I mean by this is, let’s say you have a goal of a million in net worth. Why do you want a million in net worth. Plain and simple, you set a goal and you want to achieve your goals.

Ask yourself if what you are not motivated about will help you reach your goals if you did it. Then, ask yourself if you truly want to achieve that goal.

This will help you re-connect with your why.

Don’t wait for motivation to show up.

You can just sit and wait for the motivation to show up. You have to consciously go after it. Conquer the lack of motivation and destroy it. As soon as the low motivation starts to creep in your mind change your thought process and get rid of it.

Low Motivation - Waiting

Are your goals long term?

If the goals you have are for the long term think of them that way. A long term goal takes a while to achieve. It’s all the little goals along the way toward the big goal that add up.

Set some of these little goals and achieve them. Celebrate them. Have a goal party!

You and that introverted dog can celebrate. The pooch won’t really know why, but he will be happy and celebrate with you.

Start somewhere and don’t worry where.

Well, you gotta start somewhere. Might as well be right here. Maybe, you will feel like you are wasting time if your don’t start in the right place. This may be true however, not doing anything is more of a waste.

How do you feel now?

Ready to take on the world I’m sure.

Well, maybe not. Anyway, just know that we all suffer from low motivation from time to time. Don’t let it define who you really are and keep trying.

I hope this short post helps someone out there and if not at least I killed a little time for you to not get that project started. Haha!

That’s all I got for you for now.


8 thoughts on “Low motivation? What to do when you get the blahs”

  1. Motivation is something most people suffer from. Me included at times even though I’m a glass half full person. Looking on the bright side for the silver lining is something you explain very well. This topic needs talking about a lot more. Have you found anything in particular that has helped you out a lot? Looking forward to your reply.

    • Thank you for your question Lisa. Although I didn’t write about it in my post, when I have low motivation I just think about my son. Thinking about making sure I am the father he deserves gets me going in the right direction. 

  2. Lazy bone.  We all got one.  Some of us are well endowed in that area.  I have seen them.  For myself I seem most often to have the opposite problem.  Go, Go, Go, Go, go.  If I have a spare half hour in the day, I get impatient wondering what I can do now to get further on with my goals.

    My wife will mention going to the store.  I go get by jacket and grab the keys.  I’m ready to go.  Sh’e like, Don’t rush me.  I think its a form of mental torture she employs, sometimes. 

    The problem with dogs is they love you no matter what, almost.  No one is entitled to be loved no matter what.  

    When I was young I burned my eyes out on the TV.  Lazy bone gone wild.  Star the morning with Today and end the night with Tom Snyder, Tomorrow.  I also accomplished what other young men accomplish.  Not much, wrth note!

     The blahs did hit every once in a while.  I’d clean my room and then go out get my motorcycle out of the garage and tune it or shine it and wait for neighborhood girls to come.  

    I’m still waiting on the girls, three daughters, as son and eleven gradkids.  Right now, I am waiting on my wife to head to Wal Mart.  So these days, I usually write something to cure the blahs.  My wife cleans our room.  I don’t have a motorcycle anymore and my wife would not appreciate it if the girls came over to watch me polish the chrome.  

    I navigated around your site, found the comparison of wealthy affiliate to whatever those other two outfits.  I like it.

    I think you should do very well.  Keep at the content tagted at the keywords and speaking plain talk like you do.  Thank you for posting.  CQ.   


  3. You’ve put quite a different spin on motivation.  I love your tongue in cheek humour.  I think it talks to the procrastinator in me that has the blahs.  I may have to take the dog for a walk and stop sniffing myself.  Thanks for the pep/depressing talk, I think you have all the angles covered.

  4. Sometimes we just get into that lazy mood. Self-talk ourselves to avoid the things we are supposed to complete.
    When I get the blahs, I just walk out of the house, get some fresh air, and I will be okay.

    It is so true that when we re-connect with our WHY, we will get moving.

    Thank you for the information.


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