LegalShield MLM Review - Make Money

LegalShield MLM Review

Can you make money selling pre-paid legal plans? If you are thinking about getting into this, check out this LegalShield MLM Review. It will be more fun to read than the others.

Have you ever needed an attorney and didn’t know where to start looking? Then you ended up with some slick dude that didn’t really seem to help you out, but you sure paid for it. That could make you madder than a dog in a hubcap factory.

When you pay through the nose for something you feel like was a waste and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Why not pay for it up front, a little at a time. You will feel more comfort having someone on your side looking out for your best interest.

Better yet, get paid to help others feel that comfort. That’s what you can do when you become a LeagalShield Associate. Become part of the LeagalShield MLM and enjoy an easy way to build a business? Let’s look a little further.

What I Like about LegalShield MLM

  • Commissions seem good on the surface.
  • There are personal & business plans you can sell.
  • There is a huge target audience.

What I Don’t Like about LegalShield MLM

  • There isn’t a ton of information about the opportunity before you sign up. Why?
  • It would be a tough business to hustle, like the insurance biz.
  • The MLM structure might turn a lot of people away.

Summary of LegalShield

LeaglShield is a MLM company that sells pre-paid legal plans. It was previously know as Pre-Paid Legal Services. The company was founded by Harland Stonecipher in 1972 as the Sportsman’s Motor Club.

They develop pre-paid legal plans and market them through their independent provider attorneys. They also have identity theft monitoring and restoration plans.

These membership plans are sold as an employee benefit and through the Muili-Level-Marketing (MLM) part of the company.

Chances are you know the guy that could have used this type of help. You know him! He’s the first person that popped in your head when you started reading this. Hopefully, it’s not you. Haha! If so, It’s okay, as long as you learn from your mistakes.

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Are LegalShield’s Products Worth the Price?

See the picture below about, what a membership includes.

As you can see, for $24.95/month you can get pretty good legal coverage. Don’t forget that is $24.95 every month. You would have to weigh this price against how often you think you would need legal help. Sill thinking about that dude that could have used this service?

LegalShield MLM Review - Family Plan

LegalShield MLM Review - Coverage

How about a pre-paid legal plan for a small business?

LegalShield MLM Review - Business plans

This could be a pretty good deal if your business needs to send a few letters of collection from time to time. Again, these prices are every month.

The LegalShield Opportunity

There isn’t a ton on information on the opportunity until you actually sign to become an associate. I don’t know about you, but I like to try on a pair of shoes before I buy them. I suppose you could talk to an existing associate, but beware they may make it sound a lot easier than it really is.

When you sing up to become an associate you will need to pay $99 and a state licensing fee (whatever that cost is).

It looks like you could earn between $60 and $182 per annual membership that your sell. I’m not sure what happens when people cancel though.

You may have to pay back some of your commissions. I don’t know for sure so, this would be a great question to ask so you don’t feel like you are going backwards.

You can earn even more money when you go to level 2 which is, building a team. This is where the MLM comes in. Talk people into becoming associates, send them out to sell and watch the money flow. Well, maybe.

Can You Make Money With LegalShield?

Sure you can! To make any real money you will need a great team under you. You will need to have a tireless drive and be very passionate about helping people with their legal needs. Obviously, those guys at the top are making a pretty penny. Why can’t you? MLMs are a tough gig to make a real business out of.


Commissions seem pretty good for an MLM

These commissions aren’t too bad for most MLM companies and they could be recurring commissions for years down the road.

There are many plans available to sell

You can sell plans to individuals and to businesses. Also, they have the identity theft side of the business you can sell as well.

Anybody could use a pre-paid legal service

Your target is anyone that believes they may need an attorney at anytime in the future. Most people, in the course of a lifetime will at some point.


There isn’t a lot of information about the opportunity until you sign up.

You would want to talk to an associate or 2 first. Then possibly talk to your attorney about it. Haha.

It seems like it would be a tough thing to hustle.

Selling pre-paid-legal could prove to be a tough sell. It would be somewhat like selling insurance. For some it may be, but for me it wouldn’t be a ton of fun either.

The MLM structure may turn people away.

A lot of people are so jaded by MLMs. This may be due to being burned by one that wasn’t up to par in the past. Some people associate MLMs with pyramid schemes.

Is LegalShield MLM a Scam?

Although there is a really thin line between a MLM and a pyramid scheme LegalShield is not a scam. Unfortunately, there may be associates out there that can make people think it is a scam. You know, one bad fish spoils the whole barrel. This is all too often the case with MLM companies. Pushy sales people that cause BBB complaints and the whole nine yards.


If selling pre-paid legal sounds like the most awesome business to start, go for it. Maybe, you lay in bed not being able to sleep because your are way too excited to get out there tomorrow and talk about legal plans. This might just be for you.

I challenge you to think hard about whether this business will fulfill your passion in life. If it does not line up with your passions then, I suggest you find a different route.

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LegalShield MLM Review - Start

LegalShield MLM









  • Commissions Seem Okay for MLM
  • There are a lot of Different Plans to Sell
  • Many Potential Customers


  • Not a lot of Information About the Opportunity
  • Tough Sale Similar to Selling Insurance
  • Because it is a MLM it May Turn People Away

4 thoughts on “LegalShield MLM Review”

  1. Hello Russ, it’s beautiful indeed learning about Legalshield and I was really amazed at seeing some of its advantages but along the line, there were some things that I really didn’t go down well with. First for an MLM company it creates much suspense and tension on any intending member and also its not allowing you access it full features until you are a member makes it really fishy. Cheers. 

  2. I don’t like MLMs so I frowned when I discovered it has an MLM structure. The other thing I don’t like is that they hide information from us before we sign. Why would they do that? Before we sign the should tell us all they offer so we can make a well informed decision. I’ll give these guys a pass.


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