Isagenix MLM Review - Make Money Selling Nutritional Supplements?

Isagenix MLM Review

Can you make money selling nutritional supplements? There are a plethora of nutritional vitamin supplement companies. Many have the same type of MLM business model promising you a ton of money in your spare time. In this Isagenix MLM Review, we will look deeper to see if this one is different.

Also, by the end, you will be able to see if the Isagenix MLM opportunity is really the right choice for you. So, what is Isagenix?

What is Isagenix MLM?

The Isagenix MLM was founded in 2002 by Kathy Coover, Jim Coover, and John Anderson. The headquarters are in Gilbert, AZ. The Isagenix product line is dietary and personal care products. They operate in over 20 countries with over 500,000 distributors and customers.

Their catalog is very expansive with supplements for weight loss, performance, vitality & well-being, supplements for kids, essential oils and personal care. The online catalog has a very modern look with many products.

Are Isagenix Products Worth Their Price?

Isagenix’s catalog has a vast amount of products. These products target people of any age wishing to be healthier and stay healthier. They have a very green approach and pride themselves on having the cleanest forms of supplements.

One of the more popular supplements is their “Everyday Shake”. This is a meal replacement shake that comes in a powder. They say it contains everything your body needs for a complete meal.

Isagenix MLM Review - Shake

Isagenix MLM Review - Shake Price









Another popular product is their BEA Sparkling Energy Drink. These 12oz cans have vitamins minerals and caffeine. For ages 16 and older.

Isagenix MLM Review - WaterIsagenix MLM Review - Water Price

They also have packs that can be ordered for specific areas of nutrition. These packs can be customized to whatever benefit you may wish to achieve.

Isagenix MLM Review - Ultimate Pac

Isagenix MLM Review - Pac Price

You can see, their products are on the expensive side for the nutrition supplement business. The nutritional supplement business is a very competitive market filled with an endless amount of companies. You can get most of these products readily on the internet and local stores.

The Isagenix MLM Opportunity

Isagenix wants you to be a customer first. This is usually the case with MLMs. They want you to buy from an independent associate, or open a customer membership account. Once you open an account this will give you the option to have your order auto shipped every month and billed accordingly. Opening a customer membership account gives you access to discounts of 10% to 25% off retail.

There is no membership fee to sign up and then you can buy products at a discount and turn around and sell them at retail price if you wish. Since you want to make a business out of it you are encouraged to sign people up for the membership and then start to build a sales team.

The big focus with Isagenix it to make a difference in others’ lives. They promote helping people achieving their dreams. This really pulls in the emotional part of why you would want to participate.

Isagenix MLM Review - Tree

Can You Make Money With Isagenix?

The way you make money with Isagenix is by selling products to other people. You would want to start with your friends and family and then go from there. Find other people that are interested in a healthier lifestyle.

As an independent associate you can buy products at a discount and sell them for more. Also, your sales people under you can do the same and you get a cut.

The compensation plan is very detailed. There are 12 pages of content involving the compensation plan. Download the PDF here. Also, there are videos on the compensation plan on YouTube. One video is part 1 and there is a whole part 2 video as well. Make sure you really take the time to understand this confusing and complex compensation plan if you want to build a business out of this.

In order to maximize your commissions you will want get people signed up with a membership and get the out there selling as an independent associate under you. Hence, Multi Level Marketing, or MLM.


Quality Clean Supplements

They really focus on the quality of the products from clean sources.

Flexible Schedule

The Isagenix MLM opportunity allows you to work part-time or full-time. You can sell products and recruit others any time you want.

No Membership Fee

It doesn’t cost anything to join. You join first by opening a customer membership account and buying product of you own.


Some Products Are Very Expensive

It may prove to be hard to sell products that are on the high end of price for this competitive market. There are a lot of people that tr things once so it will be hard to retain customers for recurring orders.

Finding Driven Sales People

Your commissions will be directly impacted by the people you get under you. You might spend a lot of time getting the right person on board. Maybe, they work for a month or so, but are able to walk at anytime leaving you at square one again.

One of many nutritional MLM companies

It is a very competitive market with many companies offering much of the same products. You will really have to learn the product inside and out to convince people why it is better that the closest competitor. With the vast array of products they offer this will take some serious time to master.

Is Isagenix a Scam?

When joining a MLM you have to really hustle to make sales. You end up spending an absorbent amount of time at first just trying to build a book of business. Recruiting friends and possibly family.

Some of the time these people really want to support you and will sign up to help you out. Then, you may find that their heart isn’t really into the business and they move on.

I wouldn’t call MLMs a scam, however they aren’t usually’t working with your best interest in mind.


The promises that most MLMs will lure you in with are of how to help you achieve financial freedom and the flexible work schedule. You can do them in your spare time, try to build up clientele, but the focus of the MLM is to move product. The more product they move the more they make.

To them you are not an employee and you won’t be compensated as one. You have to use your own resources and time to market, pitch and drive sales. You will pay out your own money for all of these resources to what end? Hopefully make some sale and find people to recruit. When you do recruit someone to work under you, they can decide to move on to something better at any time. Since there is no fee to starting, it is attractive to start, but nothing will drive the average person to build a business out of it.

In my opinion this is not a good way to start and build a real sustained business. If you really want to build a flexible scheduled sustaining business check out my #1 recommended method. You can start right now, for free with a website, training and all the tools and resources with 24/7 support. Don’t waste anymore time on the promises of a MLM. Start your real business today.


Isagenix MLM Review - Get Started

Isagenix MLM

Free Membership with Product Purchase





Overall Quality



  • Quality Products
  • Flexible Schedule
  • No Membership Fee


  • Expensive Products
  • Keeping People On Board
  • Another Nutritional MLM Company

10 thoughts on “Isagenix MLM Review”

  1. Hi,

    The products look great, it’s probably good quality, but I must admit that this company’s prices were a little shocking to me. They are expensive. I noticed that MLMs sell many of their products at high prices? Do you know why they do that? If they have so much competition, wouldn’t it better to lower their prices? I never worked for an MLM, so I would not really know, but it’s just an idea. 

    • Christine, 

      Thank you for your comment and questions. I don’t really know the reason why the prices are so high. I do know that most MLMs don’t have their distributors best interests in mind with regards to their business. I believe that if a person desires to build a real business they check out what I recommend instead of a MLM. The recommendation I have is linked in the article. 

  2. An interesting review you got there on “isagenix MLM “

    The truth is all MLM company do not really have the best interest of the people working with them at heart, it is just a means to sell their products faster! You do the work yourself and everything can all go to waste if your downlines find something better. I don’t think iit is worth the stress.

    Thanks for this review.

  3. Thank you for your review about Isagenix MLM. Originally, my friend offered my to buy the everyday shake package and later asked me to join him as his underline. MLM isn’t my forte usually, but I’m interested to see the prospect. Yes, I also concur that most of their products are quite expensive. I thought of building an affiliate website revolving around their products instead of joining their MLM, but I will need to rethink about this decision. Glad it’s not a scam. Thanks

  4. Its simple how this business operates and clearly it’s principles of business is clear and well stated. Starting from it’s niche, I must admit it’s a very nice one and would sell fast in the market without much stress involved in marketing, but with the high price of products, it would be a little stressful even if the products are trusted. However, an MLM company is not one i would want to go into because of its long period before proper earning. Aside these personal cons, I am impressed with the offers and products from Isagenix. 

  5. Well, another mlm platform in the health and wellness niche. I think hat is a very good thing that the company has been here for almost two decades but it is sad that they can actually make use of this business model that many people like me think is not a good one. They should just switch to using a better business model that actually works. I have done some MLM that didn’t work out well sos I’ll just let this one pass.

  6. Isagenix is actually a very legit mlm company that pays and work well. The products are really of good quality and I must say that my experience with them was very positive. I had a very good time with them selling and recruiting. But I had to leave when I saw a much better opportunity through affiliate marketing. Though the mlm industry is not easy to make profit but the supplements are actually great. So, selling them was not difficult

  7. Health and wellness are popular and huge markets. Guess that’s the reason why MLM’s abound on this market segment.  Isagenix appears to offer an impressive array of products in its niche.  However, its price points are quite high and I would personally be very hesitant to shell out that amount of money.

    I have also been very skeptical of MLM companies and do not really see myself going into this.  I personally am not keen on doing personal selling nor recruiting.  I think the alternative you are recommending resonates more with me.

  8. This product line looks to be interesting and probably marketable in the nutritional supplements area. What are some of the products available? Is there an extensive documentation on the benefits of using this product line versus the competition. This could help justify the higher price points and help with advertising. Based on your description I think this would be frustrating to market with an MLM plan. However, I would agree with your inference that this would be a good candidate for affiliate marketing…and of course with WA.


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