Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining - Summary


What I like

-The Wealthy Affiliate training is perfect for me, easy to follow 

-Awesome community support on the Wealthy Affiliate platform

-Everything I need is in one place

-Live training every week

-I can find answers to all my questions so far

 What I don’t like

 -I get distracted by the live chat

-I spend too much time in training instead of taking action

Summary- Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining?

Wealthy Affiliate for me is the best platform I have found for creating an online business. Wealthy Affiliate contains all the training necessary to start from the ground up with any type of website, and training to take it as far as you want to go. The best part is that everything is one place on one platform on Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth joining? I have chosen to build an affiliate marketing business and so far it has worked perfectly with Wealthy Affiliate. I never get stuck trying to figure anything out. I just search the training and the live training in the Wealthy Affiliate platform for what I need. If I can’t find it there (which is usually my fault) I ask in the live chat on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and get replies almost instantly.

Free trial for the first 7 days -$19 the first month -$49/month after first month.

Wealthy Affiliate Start

In February 2017, I was in the down season of a seasonal job. Hoping the season would start soon so I could get back to earning some good commissions again. This was turning into a problem I was going to deal with every year. I needed to figure out a side hustle or side gig to get me through the down time.

I decided to build a website and signed up for BlueHost and got stuck the first week. Discouraged about my lack of knowledge in building a website I turned to Google for the training I needed. This get very frustrating very quickly.

I did’t even know the language of the stuff I was searching for (terms like meta title and plugins) and to top it off, I did’t understand what the heck they were talking about when I found a so called solution! Have you ever felt like you could find the answer to a question if you just know how to ask the question?

Anyway, I decided I needed to start with real training from the very beginning. After all, I have been in the construction industry for 20 years. I didn’t even know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was let alone how to employ it.

So, I went on a search for training for building a website for dummies basically. I found Wealthy Affiliate and was immediately hooked. I started Wealthy Affiliate with the free 7-day trial and quickly realized I needed to go all in.

The very next morning after signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate free trial I went for the yearly subscription. I was determined to build a real business in my spare time and if was obvious that Wealthy Affiliate was going to get me there.

Before, you sign up for the free trial with Wealthy Affiliate: Ask yourself if you are serious about building a real online business. I wouldn’t suggest Wealthy Affiliate to someone that just likes the idea of having a blog they can write a few posts on it every month or so.

I would recommend you sign up for something much simpler like Medium or just start an Instagram account. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build a successful online business.

The Problem: You want to build an online business

The Solution: Wealth Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Start

Wealthy Affiliate will start you out from the very beginning. From the start the training is all about getting a website initially built and optimized for amazing performance.

Below is what is included with the free training.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining - Training

There is help all along the way in Wealthy Affiliate for people like me. I am a quick learner, but this was like a foreign language to me, so I needed very basic stuff to start out. Everything is broken down into simple easy to understand terms in written form and video.

Owning Your Domain

You are shown exactly how to buy a domain name in the Wealthy Affiliate training. They give you a comparison of the price to own it through the platform vs. other places like Go Daddy.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining - Domains

Security From Jerks Screwing With Your Site

Then, when you buy and own your domain trough the Wealthy Affiliate platform you get the best protection and security for your website in the business. I have never had any problem with weird stuff like hackers or crashes.

Except one crash where it was my own stupid fault. Everything was fine though, Wealthy Affiliate fixed it no problem.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining - Security

This is awesome! It’s like having a junkyard dog that you didn’t train and don’t feed protecting your asset! Your website. You never have to worry about bad things happening to your website on Wealthy Affiliate.

I broke one of my sites bad one time. I was messing around in the code part of it (Stupid Idea). I had no business snooping around in the area I was in. My website was broke!

I sent a note to the 24/7 support and the next morning I had a message back saying that it was fixed, to check it out and ask for assistance if something wasn’t right. Voilà! I was back in business.

Again, Everything you need is on one platform. Training, live training, domain registration, support and research tools with Wealthy Affiliate.

SEO & Keyword Tools

The research tool “Jaaxy” is awesome. You want to talk SEO? You type in a keyword and instantly see how it would preform on a search engine like Google. This will help you find the best keywords for your niche that will help your posts rank high on Google.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining - Jaaxy

Other People’s Experience

This is all plain and good for me to tell you, but what are other users of Wealth Affiliate saying about their experience? See just a couple of examples below.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining - Feedback

When I was looking for a platform like this, I noticed how happy everyone was in the Wealthy Affiliate community before I singed up. This was one big factor in my decision to start.

Other Similar Platforms

There are other similar products out there to check out. You could call these competitors of Wealthy Affiliate.

Affilorama: From what I see, Affilorama could cost you up to $2000/ year for about the same thing Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Check them out at

Savage Affiliates: I’m not 100% sure, but the price seems to be about the same. Most reviews I have read don’t say much about the training.

Check them out at

Anyway, there are a couple to compare Wealthy Affiliate against. I am not involved with either one in any way.

My Personal Opinion Of Wealthy Affiliate

I have been with Wealthy affiliate for more than a year. I have been in construction for over 20 years so I had no experience with building websites.

Now, I have numerous websites that are working magically. Without the training I would have given up a long time ago, but everyday I can’t wait to wake up and see how my sites preformed while I was sleeping.

I have not been discouraged and my sites just keep growing. It won’t be long before I don’t need my day job anymore. I tried two other so called training platforms before Wealthy Affiliate and they turned out to be a waste of money and more importantly a waste of time.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth joining? YES!

I am proof that Wealthy Affiliate works!

It takes some hard work and you have to take serious action, but I found it is a labor of love. It doesn’t feel like hard work until I look back and think about all the hours I put in, but I just couldn’t get enough.

Right now, you have the time to get it going, so start now.

——-Click Here to Start For Free——-

This is what you get for free! 

Important! Before, you sign up please think about your answers to the following questions.

  1. How much money would you be happy earning?
  2. How much money would you be ecstatic earning!
  3. How much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?

You will be asked to answer these questions and share them with the Wealthy Affiliate community when you set up your profile. There aren’t any wrong answers and people only encourage you to reach the goals. Just think about them and answer them honestly for yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2020 - Get Started

Wealthy Affiliate








Ease of Use



  • Awesome Training Beginner to Advanced
  • 24/7 Support
  • All in One Platform
  • Keep You Motivated


  • Live Chat Distracts Me
  • I get too Involved with Training

40 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining?”

  1. Great job, Russ. I am kind of biased because I am a Wealthy Affiliate member. However, if I weren’t this review would definitely pique my interest. You did a very thorough job of explaining what they do and how they help people build their own businesses. I’ve been with WA for almost a year. I have appreciated the words of encouragement and helpful advice when I got stuck. This is my business and I need to be willing to work at it no matter how difficult it gets. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

  2. Being a new member of the affiliate marketing community, I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. There are many illegitimate affiliate marketing platforms on the internet but WA isn’t one of them. The instructional materials provided were very informative and easy to understand. It really helped me in developing my skills. 

    • Being a new member of Wealthy Affiliate you know the training never stops. Tonight’s live training was SEO basics. Even though it said basics I still learned some valuable things to help my websites. 

  3. Hello there! This is an amazing review you’ve got here on WA. From experience, I will say that wealthy Affiliate program is the best anyone could think of. Aside the earns, I enjoy the constant training which i undergo as a premium member of WA. 

    I recommend it for everyone who wants to work from home and earn real cash.

  4. Wealtgy affiliate is worth joining and worth every effort or investment made to it. This is really good. The chances of eaenubg with it is great and massive and I like that. Thank you. To be honest, the support, the training, the tools and so much more makes them worthy

  5. Hello Russ, I have been quite involved with lots of affiliate training platforms all because I want to start my online business and as much as I have joined various platforms, I have been disappointed the same number of times. Wealthy affiliate is just one of the few with outstanding features and i love the idea of having a direct link to the site owners/ trainers. Do you pay extra fee for the tools you are given to use of the platform?

    • Benson,

      Thank you for your question. As a premium member you have access to all  the tools in Wealthy Affiliate. There is no extra fee. 

  6. Hey there Russ. I want to build an online business, but up to this point I had never come across the right platformed. They all seemed super hyped to me.

    Now that I’m staying at home, I need more than ever a platform like this: where I can follow training on how to set up my own business. I’ll give this a try! Thanks!

  7. That was a wonderful and creative review. I’m a member of wealthy affiliate, though I’m new but the support I receive from members of this platform is a great joy to me. They’re always willing to give me support whenever I get stuck. It is actually an earn while you learn platform and I love it so much.

    • Yes Kenechi, Wealthy affiliate is a lean while you earn platform and you can constantly learn as this business moves at break neck speed. 

      Thanks for you comment and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. 

  8. I highly appreciate your effort, Russ. I am also a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. You have described very useful information about it. I highly recommend the platform to anyone who truly wants to make money blogging because they have all the tools and resources you’ll ever need to grow your blog and make a fulltime income. congratulations.

  9. Thanks for the detailed post, Russ. After doing a lot of research about Wealthy Affiliate, finally, I have joined in WA. In fact, your post has helped to clear some of my doubt about WA, and finally, I have signed up. And as you have mentioned here, all the training are fantastic and normally this kind of online training programme can’t get with such a low price anywhere else. Enjoying the training and now I’m able to build my first website. Really appreciate for this great work.

  10. Hi Russ

    I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 5 years now, and I can tell you, since I joined to this great community I’ve seen my website working better!

    I was blogging before with poor results, but after I signed up for the free training I could see I had to learn more about how to create a website that with good work and time will become my online business, and I’m happy I did it, today I can see the results of working hand in hand with Wealthy Affiliate!

    You have a great review here that I’m sure will help many people who are looking for a way to start building up their own online business!

  11. Hello Russ. Thank you for sharing this information regarding Wealthy Affiliate. We are living in harsh times where It’s hard to get a job despite having academic credentials. I’m a few months old at Wealthy Affiliate and i like the progress so far wish i had joined earlier but better late than never. Your work will help many people discover the miracle of Wealthy Affiliate. Best Wishes continue with the good work.

  12. Thanks for the post, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good platform to learn online marketing, the upfront cost might seem a little too much, but the community and lesson you get from this is incredible. People will help you if there is anything you don’t understand. Definitely, worth giving it a try, there is a lot to learn from joining Wealthy Affiliate.

  13. Hello Russ,

    You review of Wealthy Affiliate pique me interest however…  Though I am a member that has been away for sometime but check in from time to time hence writing you…  There really is something to be said about the Wealthy Affiliate community, yourself included! You did bring me to speed on some of the things that has gone on in my absence, thank you for that! 

    What should a new member and returning members need to know on day one of the program?  Can you pay yearly instead of monthly?  Is this program for every country if not what countries are excluded?  How big of a community is there?

    I enjoyed reading your article for all that you share and what a community to be part of… I look forward to hearing from you and for more good articles as such.




    • Sidney,

      Thank you for your questions. Day one of Wealthy Affiliate, Build a website by starting with the beginning of the training. 

      You can pay yearly and save a lot of money over the year. 

      The program is for anyone in the world that as an internet connection. 

      There are over 300 people that enjoy the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Let me know if you have any more questions about Wealthy Affiliate. 

  14. I think the great part about wealthy affiliate is that you don’t have to stump up a massive fee to learn about affiliate marketing. The community is amazing and you can really learn some much in such as short period of time. Great article with an interesting insight into affiliate marketing. I hope people can see the same value as I do!

  15. Hi, I’m Alisa and I’ve been in a Wealthy Affiliate for a month. From day one, I’ve had a great support from my colleague but from the whole team. From the confusion of Alice in Wonderland for a brief time I managed to find a way that would become my constant trajectory that I wanted to go and build my future. A bunch of material, videos, vebinaries, data has made sense. I realized that persistence and desire to succeed are given results. Quitting is not an option, so GO AHEAD!!!

  16. I love the fact of being free to try. I’ve fault too many times for giving away my credit card information just to find out that the tried solution was not what I was looking for, and just forgot to unsubscribe fro the service. 

    Free to try with no need of registering any payment information is for me the clearest indication being in front of honest operation and people that do believe in their value proposition. As I read I noticed that they are basically all inclusive solutions. I have the horrendous experience of getting gradually informed about hidden on the way fees when using other of the mentioned hosting services.

    This has been a great review post, easy to read and quite informative. Thanks a lot for delivering it to us!

  17. Hi Russ,

    I think I’ve commented on your website before. I remember the name, but I think the website has been revamp. Did you spice it up a bit?

    You’ve done some great work here! It looks totally different. I like it.

    Yes, it really looks great and will most definitely attract a lot of attention. You’ve also managed to summarize your niche with the aid of some awesome images.


    • Thanks Andre, I have had a lot of time at home lately and have been taking advantage of it. The best part about Wealthy affiliate and my affiliate marketing business is the time it affords me to spend with my son. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  18. I also am a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliates and I can honestly say this is a program that teaches you from the beginning. You don’t have to sit and wait on getting a response back if your stuck, there are lots of helpful people in the community. I have tried another affiliate program at the same price before I found WA and I was blown away at the difference of the whole program all around. After joining the free membership for 7 day trial, I was sold. Immediately I canceled my membership with the other program I was using and jumped right into the training. I have nothing but positive things to say about WA, and I’m indeed thankful I came across the site when I did. 

    • That is great Wendi I am very happy you are having so much success with Wealthy Affiliate. Great job and keep it rolling. 

  19. Hey nice article you have there. Wealthy affiliate the platform behind my success. I never knew building a website will be at ease until I came in contact with this great platform, the mentorship and guidance given to me by members of the Affiliate family all contributed to the success story of my website. Am glad I made the right choice of joining this platform.

  20. Hello there, thanks for your review on wealthy affiliate, i was very sceptical about this platform before now, but after going through a review similar to this I joined in some days back and upgraded to premium level immediately and amazingly I’m really liking it in here at wealthy affiliate. If you’re readinf this comment you shouldn’t waste anytime but sign KO immediately.

    • That’s great Jomata. I’m happy you are in the Wealthy Affiliate community and having so much success. 


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