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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Dads

In this post I will show you how to start affiliate marketing for dads. Affiliate marketing is a perfect business to start for dads. There are many reasons why affiliate marketing is perfect for dads, and you will find the ones that are most fitting for you, but money is at the top of the list for most dads.

In this I will tell you some of the best reasons, why you should and can start affiliate marketing today, and most importantly how to start. Everyone will tell you that it is easy and anyone can do it, however without the proper training and support you will have a very hard time succeeding.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Get the right affiliate marketing training platform the can service all your needs with starting an affiliate marketing business.

Here we go with the reasons to start an affiliate marketing business first.

Low Cost Start Up and Maintenance

It is a very low start up cost to building an affiliate marketing business. You need a computer, laptop or tablet and an internet connection.

You will want to own your website with your own domain name, so there will be a fee every year to own your domain (usually under $20/year).That’s really all you need.

You don’t pay to be part of an affiliate program like, Amazon Associates or Clickbank or any of the other hundreds. You could spend some money, and you probably should, on a little training to get things going right. I will show you the best source for this later.

Just think of all the stuff on Amazon alone you could sell on your affiliate marketing website! There are literally 100’s of affiliates other than Amazon out there ready and willing to let you sell their products.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Once you get going and start earning as an affiliate marketer, the sky is the limit. No need to worry about getting a How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Dads - Treeraise or bonus next year. You will know how things are trending for you. You will know if, you keep adding value to your affiliate marketing website the money will grow exponentially.

This is a great way to earn passive income.

There are hundreds of affiliates out there ready for you to promote and sell their products. They ship them and handle all the money and customer service. That is awesome! Right now I know all to the products you want to sell are running through your head at lightning speed.

Passive Income

On your affiliate marketing business website, you will promote products. Once you have a post about a product that is earning you money, that post is good to go. This is when it becomes a passive income earner for you.

Just let that one simmer and earn. Go on to the next one and keep adding more passive income earning posts. Rinse and repeat. Let the website and post work for you. It’s like having a bunch of sales people you don’t have to pay commissions to. All you have to do is train them once and they go to work.

Earning passive income is a habit many successful people have formed to become millionaires. Everyone should want to earn passive income. This means you are earning while you sleep or go on vacation. Someone else is working for you. That someone, is your affiliate marketing business website. Every post could have earning potential until you tell it to stop. I don’t know why anyone would ever tell it to stop though. Haha.

Just think if you start right now, it might be the perfect college fund for your. If your timing is ripe for that anyway. Then you will be retired while they are in college.

Your Passion Becomes Your Business

As an Affiliate Marketer you will write about what you are interested in your passion. I see people asking all the time about what topic or niche they should start. My first question is, what is your passion? What are you interested in?How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Dads - Passion

This can be literally anything! Fishing, water skiing, movies, wood working, classic cars, back issues, money, finance, clothes, animals, rocks or anything else. You won’t have any problem finding an affiliate that has a product for you to promote.

You get to be in the business of whatever you want. This makes having an affiliate marketing business fun and exciting work. Can you think of a better job?

Flexible Schedule

You can work on you affiliate marketing business whenever you want. You can also work on it wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

Most people start it out as a side gig or almost a hobby. Then they realize they are making more money with their side hustle than their day job. Then what? You quit your day job that doesn’t fuel your passion!

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Why Should You Start Today?

Because it’s easy to start and you can start for free. Those reasons to start today are plain and simple, but here is another reason that hits home even more. Time! You can’t get back time. Time that has gone by can’t come back again. Your kids are growing up so fast! Get going on a new affiliate marketing business and get your kids involved.

Six months ago my son was 100 lbs. Today he is 150 lbs and about 4 inches taller. What did I miss? It’s crazy!

How Do You Get Going?

Very simply, you join Wealthy Affiliate. This is, by far, the best place to start. Trust me, I tried a few and got stuck.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. They weren’t cheap mistakes either. Avoid the pain and start it off right and go with Wealthy Affiiate. I seriously encourage you to do it the 4th way I did your first time.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate was started in 2005 by Carson & Kyle. It is a platform you can use to start any type of website (numerous websites) and maintain it. They have a step by step training system. For each step you can either read the instructions or watch the video or both. You can sign up and start the training for free! Once you sign up you start to build a website.

See the chart below to see the difference between the free trial and the premium membership. When you start the free 7-day trial you can start to build an affiliate marketing business right away. Then, when you decide to go for the premium membership all your hard work to that point is still live.

The premium membership will unlock all the possibilities that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. By then you will know you are serious about building an online business. The only thing holding you back from there will be yourself.

There are step by step courses that will show you everything to make the perfect website. Also, there is live training every week. The live training is recorded and uploaded so you can reference any of them at any time.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has live 24/7 support. You can ask just about anything live, and get a response right away from a seasoned member.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Dads - Wealthy Affiliate

The biggest reason to join is for the training. The intention of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach you about online marketing and give you a place to take care of it all. The best part of this is it’s all on one platform. There is no signing up for other things and having to go back and forth between them.

This is the best place to be to learn how to start affiliate marketing for dads.

WARNING!!! Take my warning seriously! Follow the training. Follow it and you will succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.

There is nothing to lose by clicking below and signing up now. You can sign up and start building an affiliate marketing business website today for free. After you sing up I can be your coach for 1 on 1 training if you wish. 

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  1. Getting started with affiliate marketing for dads is not something easy especially when they have another full time job. Learning to maneuver the way around it and also trying to dedicate time to the business is not quite easy but it must be done. This is great here considering the earning potentials attached with affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing this out here

    • Ella, Thank you for your comment. You are correct in saying it’s not easy. You need drive to make it work. That and the simple easy to understand training of Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Without Wealthy Affiliate there is no way I would be where I am today. 

  2. This article on how to start Affiliate Marketing for Dads is very great and simplified. I have earned so much from Affiliate Market and since I joined Wealthy Affiliate Network, my skills and income has increased massively. Wealthy Affilate lessons and instructions are the best Worldwide. Thank you for taking out time to make this available for us.

    • Kingsking, Thanks for reading my article and thanks for comment. yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the reason I am able to earn what I do and it just keeps growing. 

  3. This is good. 

    One thing I love about affiliate marketing is you having your own website and writing about the things you love, you don’t struggle, you enjoy it and not only that, you earn from doing what you love and that is sweet! You are your own boss and in control of your time! I think it is a good idea .

  4. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.. affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business that would definitely go well for a dad and I must tell you the best place to start is wealthy affiliate as it has all the info that you need.And jaxxy you would get all the daddly keywords you need.

  5. Hey.This a great and detained information to help dads start a business to generate more income.Dads have a huge responsibility of taking care of their family hence they need to be finance well off. Wealthy Affiliate is good opportunity for them to enable them earn more income.Thank you for sharing this

    • Alex, 

      Affiliate Marketing for dads is an awesome way to help a family. I’m living proof of that. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  6. You start your article with one of the most appealing aspects of affiliate marketing, which applies to most types of online marketing – the low start-up cost. The internet has created an excellent opportunity to start a business at a fraction of traditional costs. It’s not always easy, but as you say, the earning potential is unlimited. The deciding factor, for the most part, is a person’s motivation and willingness to learn the necessary skills. Every business requires hard work to succeed, but with affiliate marketing, you have a level of flexibility that isn’t possible with most jobs. I know you wrote this article for single dads, but the same benefits apply to pretty much anyone. For a newcomer, the Wealthy Affiliate program that you recommend is a great way to get started. Even for people with experience, Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer. 

    • Randy, 

      Thank you for your great points of affiliate marketing. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate can help anyone, no matter where they land in the experience department of affiliate marketing. 

  7. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a little over a year now. Having a full time job besides made it tough to keep on a schedule and consistently work on my website since I also am married and have two kids with another on the way. Life can get pretty busy! However, while this COVID-19 stuff has been terrible, I have been blessed to be able to work more fully on my online business while still receiving a paycheck since I work in a school system. It’s starting to pay off! It takes some time, but it is definitely worth it! Thanks for the post!

    • Steve, 

      Thank you for your comment and congratulations on the one that is on the way. Great job doing your job and taking care of your family! Affiliate Marketing possibly helps keep you sane as well with all the kids. 

  8. wealthy affiliate is one of the most reliable and trusted platform I have ever seen , I have been operating under wealthy  affiliate for some time now and it really feels good. Affiliate marketing for dads is really a cool choice of business and would really yield great result. But on the other hand, I think it’s going to be a bit stressful and time consuming especially for dads who have some other jobs as their source of income. But for those who do not and would want to go into affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate is a nice platform to do that.

    • Sheddy, 

      Thank you for your comment. I’m sure that there are dads that wouldn’t have time to be affiliate marketers. I’m a dad with a full time job and enjoy having a part time gig. I will do whatever it takes to take care of my family. It does get put on hold a little when baseball season is going, but I still am able to maintain my business. Wealthy Affiliate makes it so much easier. 

  9. Hello, Thank you so very much for your amazing article oh how to start affiliate marketing for Dads. Personally you have inspired me so much to start affiliate marketing even though I am Mum. I love the low start off cost and also the wonderful opportunity offered by the wealthy affiliate to turn your ideas into something really big, wow!! I am signing up immediately and ready to start off. Thanks.

    • That’s great Joy! When you are inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform look me up. Maybe I can help you with your affiliate marketing business. 

  10. Your article about affiliate marketing being for Dads was interesting.  I am sure it is a good business for Dad’s to get into, but if you have to start with no training and knowledge of this kind of marketing, you need to be dedicated and disciplined.  If you have a job that takes little of your physical or mental energy you can do well here.  Or if you are especially driven to achieve, you can train and get up and running for this Affiliate work soon.  

    I personally feel that Dads who are learning to parent and learning to work online and holding down a full-time job, plus being a husband, a son, a brother, a friend a responsible community member already have their plate full. if having a business online is more important to you than sleep and rest, then maybe you can do this.  Otherwise, waiting for kids to be a bit older is a good idea in my opinion.  Affiliate online marketing is a wonderful way for anyone to work.  The work is not hard, but it must be done!  When you are ready, I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to build your business online.

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity and letting me have a place to have my say-  Thanks, Sami

  11. Hey nice article you have there. Wow, it is interesting knowing that Dad’s are not left out in Affiliate marketing, my dad will be very pleased to go through such article, as he has been wanting to engage in Affiliate marketing in other to have multiple stream of income. I will definitely make some recommendations and refer him to this article.


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