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How to Develop Self Discipline

How to develop self discipline. Having self discipline will help you in so many areas of your life. Here are some tips to moving toward better things.

Self discipline will help you to achieve your goals, get healthy and give you ability to control your feelings and thoughts. Once you can control your feelings and thoughts you can pretty much achieve anything.

What is self-discipline?

Self discipline is the heat in your fire to get things accomplished. With it you can gain control of your weaknesses and kill procrastination.

It will keep you from giving into temptations. You will do the things you deem important so, you won’t end up with feelings of guilt or shame.

If you have ever had a yearning to achieve a specific goal then, self-discipline is important to you.

Who has self-discipline?

I would argue that we all have a certain amount of self-discipline from time to time. Highly effective people have it. Well, at least when they are highly effective they do.

An accomplished body builder would have self-discipline for his body image however, he may be flat broke and doesn’t have the discipline to save money.

On the other hand, a millionaire would have self-discipline to make and save money but, may not be able to pass up a piece of cheesecake.

The point is, we all have it in some fashion. The key is to develop it in areas that we are lacking in it. Areas in life we want to make a real and lasting change.

How to develop self-discipline.

  • Start by making a clear goal of something you want to achieve.

This should be a specific goal with a clear plan. Write it down and map it out. Get it set in your mind that under no circumstances will you be kept from your goal.

  • What are YOUR weaknesses associated with the goal?

Identify the weaknesses. What are the things about yourself that could get in your way with the goal. Once you have them identified you can make a plan to deal with them when they sneak up.

  • Get rid of the temptations that could impede your progress to our goal.

Don’t keep buying the food that isn’t good for you if it’s an impediment. Go to bed earlier and/or wake up earlier. Stop watching so much TV or checking social media.

Whatever the temptations or distractions are get rid o them. They are distracting you from your goal.

  • Keep your willpower up.

To keep your willpower up get plenty of rest. Avoid stressful situations. Maintain a healthy diet. Basically, take good care of yourself and you will find more will power to be more self disciplined.

Do these 4 things and do them well and I believe you will be well on your way to developing more self-discipline.

Oh wait… One more thing.

  • Give yourself some grace.

Don’t get down on yourself or discouraged when you stumble. You will only feel bad after you stumble which will do you no good. Just move on.

Forgive yourself and go on to the next thing.

If you want to dig even deeper check this out.

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To make a serious and lasting changes to yourself it would do you good to read this book and actively do the exercises.

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  1. It is obvious that this is a good post.  I have no control over my Self Discipline and I can’t control it. That’s why I was looking for an article about Develop Self Discipline. I have a great interest to know about this. Many thanks to the author of the article for his article I have benefited greatly by reading this. I think if I follow your tips I can improve my I have no control over my Self Discipline. I will definitely share with you the improvement of Self Discipline of mine the experience of the following tips.

    Once again, Thanks again for sharing this informative post. I will share the post with others. 😊

    • Self discipline is something we all need to work on and keep working on. The key is not to give up. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  2. Very nice topic to write about. I used to wonder if I had self discipline. It seems to waver on what goals I had in that particular moment. Whether it had to do with my workouts in the gym. How was I going to approach an issue at work or how was I going to pay for something I really wanted. My goals were not always great, but I would start and discover that this goal was not what I wanted and just move on with no hesitation. Sometimes that took a lot of discipline. Good article and thanks for sharing.



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