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How to Deal With the Guilt

Guilt can be emotionally debilitating. It is a feeling we all can have at times but, do we know how to deal with the guilt? Is it something that just goes away or will it get stronger until we face it?

The feeling of guilt comes from blaming ourselves for doing something wrong. It can be very mild to emotionally debilitating. If left unchecked it can put us in to a pit of depression.

Guilt will step in when we step out of alignment with our belief system. If you are having any trouble with guilt then, I hope these few tips can get you started back in the right direction.

Don’t beat yourself up

It doesn’t do you any good the talk bad to yourself. Watch your self-talk and make sure it is positive.

Make a conscious effort to think positive about yourself. Positive thoughts lead to more positive thoughts. Negative thoughts will breed more of the same.

Remind yourself that what you did wrong was just an action you did. It is not who you truly are.

Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself for something you did wrong is the first place to start. Once you have truly forgiven yourself you will start to feel better.

I found that even though I may have forgiven myself in the past for something I may have to do it again. For some reason the guilt can pop up in your mind even though you thought you got rid of it.

In other words, you might have to forgive yourself over and over until it gets settled down deep in your soul.

If you think your are blaming someone else for the reason you did something wrong you should think about forgiving that person as well.

You don’t necessarily have to forgive them to their face. What is important is that your forgive them in your mind. Tell yourself you forgive them.

Make a lasing change

Be convicted that you will never be the person that caused the guilt. If the guilt you experienced was painful enough then you won’t have any problem changing.

Pain is the ultimate fuel in the fire of making a change. If you are feeling guilt then at some point you were someone you didn’t want to be. Change yourself into the person you want to be.

Move forward

Once your get that guilt feeling going the correct direction it’s time to move forward. Forget about the past and expect all good things in the future.

Move forward with the thinking that guilt has no place in your mind. Refuse to allow it to take any control over you. Demand constant improvement in yourself every day.

In the morning when you get up expect great things to happen. Say to yourself in the mirror that you expect that today will be a great day full of joy.

Tell yourself that nothing that happens to you today will steal your happiness and you will go out with a great attitude for success.

Severe guilt is no joke

If you are experiencing a severe case of guilt then please seek professional help. There is no reason to go through your days feeling immense pain of guilt.

You will know better than anyone if what your are dealing with needs more than your own help. In some cases just deciding you need help can start you down the right path to feeling better.

Don’t waste another day living with the pain of guilt. Remember, it may have been something you did in your past but, it does not define who you are.

My recommendation for real change

The life changing recommendation I have firsthand experience with is reading a book by Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”.

This book really changed my life for the better. When I first started reading it I realized that just reading it wouldn’t do what it was designed to do for me.

I quickly decided to do all the exercises in the book and that is where the real magic happened. It took me a while though. The book is not small and it really makes you think.

This book will help you with so much more than dealing with guilt. It can really help you with anything you want to improve in your life but, you have to decide to do it.

I highly recommend you get a copy and realize what you can become.

Check it out on Amazon. I have attached a link to it for you below.

Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”

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9 thoughts on “How to Deal With the Guilt”

  1. I think the best ways you listed are for one, not to beat yourself up over it, make the change, and move forward. I’ve always stated there are two types of pain – pain of discipline and pain of regret (which can also be classified as guilt. And my favorite way is to simply make the change to move forward, realize that the guilt doesn’t define who you are, and to use it even as a learning experience in life. 

  2. This post is amazing it really gives you motivation and helps those people who felt like that this post will really help them I have a cousin he always felt like that i will send him this post to make him better thanks for your post it really help keep doing what your doing 😀  

    • Zheer,

      I really hope your cousin can benefit from this and get the help he needs to live guilt free. 

      Thanks for sharing it with him. 

  3. Hi, I think the most important advice here is to seek help if these guilty feelings are overwhelming. Cognitive behavioral therapy and other talk therapies are approaches that help many people without the risks sometimes associated with medications (which can also be helpful). 

    Do you have any resources you could share with regards to seeking professional help? Are there free hotlines / text numbers that someone could call for help around the clock?

  4. Helo, thanks for this article. Guilt is a very terrible situation or burden to bear, so many persons do not always consider the implications of always feeling guilty forgetting the fact that it does not undo mistakes of the past. Always feeling guilty can have a very serious effect on people, like psychological effect and even axierty. But dealing with guilt can also be in a way challenging, anyways these tips here on how to deal with guilt are really nice and will be very effective. 

  5. Hello dear,thanks for sharing this with us.guilt if not well dealt with can cause harm to the welfare of human.Feeling that uncomfortable slide of guilt down your tummy is tough stuff,but it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad,if you’ve done something wrong,use those guilty feelings to help make things right.In other for this to be done,you must learn to  forgive yourself,don’t beat yourself up,make a lasing change,move forward.


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