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Home Emergency Exit Plan

Having a home emergency exit plan is very important. If the unthinkable happens you want to be as ready as you can in order to protect your family.

No one ever thinks that their house is going to catch on fire, have a carbon monoxide issue or a gas leak. In the unfortunate event that something were to happen, please be ready.

Creating a home emergency exit plan.

In most homes this does not need to be very complicated. As long as the plan is solid the more simple the better. It’s an easy thing to do and could ultimately save someones life.

Get the family together for a meeting. Go room by room of your house and explain the best two ways out of the room. The best way out of every room would be the quickest way outside. In the event that way out is blocked, by smoke or fire, then the other way is better.

Make sure everyone knows the best two ways out of the room.

Pretty simple huh?

Assign everyone a specific role.

Everyone needs to have a role. Decide who will make sure the kids get out. Who calls 911. Who will attend to others well-being. Whatever is specific to your family that applies.

If grandma lives in the basement, who is responsible to make sure she gets out.

For your 4 year old it could be as simple as finding dad when everyone is outside.

Designate a specific meeting place.

What to do after exiting the home. If an emergency exit happens it will be very chaotic.

Plan a specific place everyone will meet once they are out of the house. Everyone must be accounted for. This should be a safe distance from your house in a safe area. If you live by a highway, maybe their is a better place to meet than across the highway.

Once everyone is accounted for stay as a group. If that place will become unsafe go to another place together.

Practice at least twice a year.

Pick specific dates two times a year. Something you will remember and put on a calendar. First day of Spring or dad’s birthday. Try to set them about six months apart.

Go over the emergency exit plan room by room. Make sure all questions are answered. Kids usually have a lot of questions.

Then go through a drill. It doesn’t have to be chaotic. Just go through it calmly and safely.

Go over everyone’s role and make adjustments as necessary.

Always make sure your don’t have any hallways or doorways blocked. If you are in the middle of home renovations, don’t leave scaffolding in the foyer overnight.

Try to keep things that don’t belong on the floor of the floor in hallways and doorways. Use common sense and think about what it would be like in an emergency, in the dark, in a panic.

Fire extinguishers.

Every home should have a few fire extinguishers. I have 4. One in the garage, kitchen, upstairs and basement. Oh and I also have a small one in my truck.

The one is the kitchen is designed for being in the kitchen as a kitchen fire could be different that a bedroom fire.

These will need to be checked once in a while. They can lose pressure over time.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Please make sure you check these twice a year as well. The batteries need to be changed usually once a year as well.

Don’t let something faulty give you a false sense of comfort.

Simple stuff

As you can see this is very simple stuff. It is also stuff that can make a huge difference. I’m thinking 20 minutes, twice a year would go a long way to making an unfortunate situation not turn into a complete tragedy.

Please make sure you have a plan. Practice the plan. Make adjustments where necessary.

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  1. This helps to go a long way to reminds of my experience some thing ago of the reason why I always tell my wife to Please make sure you check these twice a year as well. The batteries need to be changed usually once a year as well don’t let something faulty give you a false sense of comfort. Since then I never experience another harm

  2. Hi! I have been telling my husband, “We need one of these emergency exit plans”. I know he’s very busy providing for everything in the house, but this plan is a must. This won’t take us much time to organize. And plus it sounds like fun. Our three kids will love it.

    We need a fire extinguishers, thanks for mentioning it!

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    Of course, I also have Fire extinguishers in my room which I left to use in case of emergency. Your article is very important because you mention the address very nicely in the emergency that people need to exit. I made an emergency exit plan at my house and made it at home.Creating my Exit Plan in a way where everyone can get out of the house very easily in an emergency.

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