Here are the Weird Things I Learned Last Week - Fun

Here Are the Weird Things I learned Last Week

Do you ever learn weird stuff that you just feel you have to write down? Here are the weird things I learned last week. I hope you enjoy. Maybe you will get a laugh out of one or two, or you might even learn something useless like I did. Haha.

Make Zoom Meetings More Fun

There is a non-profit organization that helps rescue farm animals and they can help make Zoom meetings more fun. Invite an animal resident to your virtual meetings.

You can have one of the rescued animals be a special guest to your zoom meeting for a donation. How about that! Have Tito the cow or Gracie the chicken be a guest at the company meeting that no one really wants to be on.

Here Are The Weird Things I Learned Last Week - Luvin Arms

I’m sure it would be more interesting than the latest company news.

The non-profit organization, Luvin Arms had a huge decline in donations when they had to shut down letting people tour the farm due to Covid-19.

They decided to get creative and from what they say it’s a big hit and it’s really helping them to take care of the animals.

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary is located in the small town of Erie Colorado, just North of Denver. They have a bunch of animals that they take care of there. Many kinds of farm animals that have been rescued from unfortunate situations.

Click of their website and check them out.

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

20 lb. Propane Tanks

The propane bottles you use for your grill out back are called 20 lb. propane tanks.

Here Are The Weird Things I Learned Last Week - Propane

I’m not really sure why they are labeled as a 20 lb tank though. I learned that they actually weigh about 40 lbs. when they are full of propane. What I haven’t learned yet is why they are called 20 lb. tanks.

I will have to update this when I find out. The next time I am curious and bored at the same time I will look it up. I promise I won’t Google it while driving.


There is a freshwater fish species called a Splake. A Splake is a hybrid of two fish species. You get a Splake when you cross a male Brook trout with a female Lake trout or Mackinaw.

They are usually found in cold deep lakes.

The name came about by mixing speckled trout with lake trout. Do you see it? Splake! (Speckled + Lake) In some places they are known as a Wendigo.

From what I understand they can get pretty big. After all, the world-record lake trout is about 72 lbs. Try that out on your fly-rod!

Here Are The Weird Things I Learned Last Week - Splake

Really Old School Fishing

I was thumbing though my boy’s book, “The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Manual by Tim Macwelch” and came across an interesting way to catch fish.

Here Are The Weird Things I Learned Last Week - Survival

It is illegal in most places today, but native people used to use plant poisons to catch fish. They would find types of poisonous plants and put them in the water. This would stun the fish’s respiratory or nervous system so that they were easier to catch.

The book goes on telling you that it is illegal and unsportsmanlike however, when starving in an emergency this method may prove to be effective.

I’m just thinking that you may want to get your drinking water from another location after you have poisoned your dinner. Haha.

Here Are The Weird Things I Learned Last Week - Poison

Well, that’s all I have for Y’all for now. I hope you learned something, or at least didn’t go to sleep while reading. Keep checking back for more craziness. Also, please send me some of the weird stuff you learn along the way in the comments. I may just put them in the post. When I get a few good ones I will make a separate post of “reader specials”. It will be fun!


5 thoughts on “Here Are the Weird Things I learned Last Week”

  1. Nice interesting post. You really made my day with this post. Some of the things are really weird and laughable. Some old school fishing, splake etc. Sometimes such post are needed to calm our nerves especially in this pandemic period and you did just that. Thanks for sharing. I kept on reading over and over. 

    • Don’t be afraid to let me know if you have any weird things that you have learned recently. I will put them in the post for you. 


  2. Lol! These are definitely some weird things for sure. I remember reading the farm animal zoom call on another website too, and I remember they were charging around $60 to $80 per hour of zoom call. Definitely an interesting way to make your meetings more fun, or get everyone distracted that it makes the meeting useless. Goes 2 ways I guess. Also a splake? Definitely learned something new and weird today too, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey nice article you have there, fishing is one lucrative business that seems to be neglected by so many, I have been in fish farming for some time now, it has really prove profitable .The splake fish is quite unique and I would love to know more about the specy. Do you have any YouTube channel where you train interested participant, if yes what is the price?.


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