Family Quality Time Ideas - Dad with son

Family Quality Time Ideas – Make Memories

What is quality time exactly? I will tell you and give you some family quality time ideas. In our busy lives as single dads quality time with your kids could be closer to the bottom of our priorities list. I don’t think it should be.

Please read further to see why I believe this is true. Then it will be up to you to decide what is really important. Just don’t make your final decision until you are done reading.

Quality time to me, is anytime someone gets your undivided attention. Nothing in front of your face distracting you from what is going on right there in the moment.

You can’t be working on a project or surfing Facebook while you are in the same room with your kid and call it “quality time”.

Why is quality time important for your kids?

As a dad you want what is best for your kids. Sometimes what we know is best for them isn’t our main focus. Keep in mind it’s not too late to change a focus.

Quality time with your kids is important for many reasons. It will help you build a strong relationship with your kids that can help them a long way down the road. Having this strong relationship will make your kids better people and feel more love.

They will have wonderful memories of their childhood. These memories will help shape them into people they want to be. You want to be involved in their good memories.

Your kids will emulate other people as they are learning. Think about your actions around your kids. Is this something you would want them to copy?

Why is it important to you?

Quality time with your kids can benefit you in many ways. See if there are any below that you didn’t think of. If you can think of more I would love to hear about them. Please comment.

Spending quality time with your kids is far better than just spending money on them. You will have the pleasure of the great memories with your kids.

They grow up so fast! When they are teenagers at some point they won’t even want to hang out with you. I’m desperately trying to ignore that fact with my 14 year old.

It will help you to slow down and lower your stress. If you have young kids you know that nothing happens fast. Time spent with them will develop your patience. Take comfort in not having to get things done in a hurry.

Your work/life balance will improve. You can’t work all the time if you consciously spend more quality time with the kids. Then when you do have to work you will probably be more productive.

Your kids will be happier and have more stories to tell when it’s time to go back to mom’s. This will make it easier to co-parent. It will also make for easier on drop off day believe it or not. While they are gone you can plan more quality time for the next time.

Family Quality Time Ideas

  • Play games – Board games, video games together, sports games, outside games, inside games.Family Quality Time Ideas - Fishing
  • Go for a nature walk.
  • Go for a neighborhood walk.
  • Go camping – even if it’s in your back yard or living room.
  • Go fishing.
  • Go hunting – My boy and I really enjoy bird hunting.
  • Play in the toy department in Walmart – Have a fight with the toy swords.
  • Just be involved with normal play.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt – You don’t have to get crazy with this one.
  • Have a movie night.
  • Help with homework.
  • Look at pictures together.
  • Have breakfast together – No phones or TV.
  • Have dinner together – No phones or TV.
  • Help them do their chores.
  • Have them help you with your chores.

The Best Times

Some of the best times with my son get talked about all the time. He will say stuff out of the blue like “Hey dad remember that time we saw that bear?”. And let’s not forget, “Hey dad remember when you popped a wheelie and landed on your back?”. Yes, I remember son.Family Quality Time Ideas - Bear

That’s the stuff you want to have happen. Out of the blue memories that remind you about doing the right thing. Make the memories last. You want memories you can look back at and laugh. Make those memories outweigh the ones of guilt and shame.

I made this list to get you thinking. You will want to make your own list for your own situations. The list could go on forever. Think about it as if there aren’t any hard and fast rules. The only rules the quality time should satisfy is that there are memories worth holding on to. In my opinion, there are only positive ones worth holding on to.

If you feel you need to, please make a decision to spend more quality time with your kids. Everyone will benefit from it in the long run.

8 thoughts on “Family Quality Time Ideas – Make Memories”

  1. This is really good stuff. I’m not a single dad, but I am a dad. I think this advice and outlook is useful to all parents. In a society that is increasingly driven by technology, it sometimes seems like one of the first things to fall by the wayside is quality time with our families – kids in particular. If there’s been one benefit from the coronavirus crisis, it has been that many families are being forced to spend more quality time with each other. I know we are at my house. Dinner at the table together every night, family movie nights, puzzles and games. We’ve been doing all of these things more and, despite the stresses that have come with this pandemic, I’ve been thankful for that quality time together.

    • Randy- Thanks for your comment. Even with this fear and uncertainty it has been nice to be forced to slow down a little. 

  2. Thank you for making me aware that one truly has to pay attention and be present. I can imagine giving my kid a blank stare when he asks me if I remember when we did a particular activity together. This phrase really hit home.

    And I guess doing things together with kids and not just for them is really critical in forming relationship with other people, and for us as parents too. As a grown-up it’s easy to forget how kids see life and spending “quality time” with our kids definitely resets our minds and gives us an escape back to a world of idealism.

    I really enjoyed and learned from the post. 



  3. Like they always say, it is the little things that matters over a long time. Thank you so much for sharing this out here. To be honest, I am quote delighted that you have shared this post with us all. Learning g to spend time with our family and also respecting the time we stay with each other is a great thing to know and thank you. To be honest, I really appreciate the ideas you shared here and I will try to include more into the things we do at home

  4. Well this is a time that everyone wants to spend with their family because if the virus that is in the world currently but we still want to make sure that the time we spend that time with them in such a quality way. The ideas you have given here are all very fabulous. I like them honestly and I will love to play games and have that scavenger hunt with my kids especially. Nice ideas.

  5. wow what a lovely and interesting post we have here! to me time is a quantity that is immeasurable,because a little slack in time can live a huge mark or mistake in our lives.The time we spend at work we always to make it count,nevertheless when it comes to family we do not spend time we spend quality time,because those moments we spend with them are gonna live everlasting its indeed an interesting post,hoping to see more from you


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