Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing - Complete Guide

Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

There are some very smart people that are making crazy money online with affiliate marketing. These people have learned how to earn passive income with affiliate marketing. The old world methods of earning income are going to switch to in a big way in the very near future.

Unfortunately, there will be people that won’t see it coming and won’t adapt quickly to this huge switch that is coming. This will create an even bigger gap between the rich and the poor. This gap is going to get bigger and bigger, quicker and quicker.

The people I am talking about, that don’t see the tidal wave shift of wealth coming are going to be left behind. What is the best way for the average person like me to combat this huge wealth shift that is coming rapidly? Learning to earn passive income with affiliate marketing.

This is an in depth guide of, why you should learn to earn passive income with affiliate marketing, what affiliate marketing is, and what is to best way to get started. First let’s briefly go over passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Passive Income

There are two types of income active income and passive income. The easiest way to explain passive income is to tell you what both mean.

Active income is money earned by preforming specific tasks. In other words, you earn money in exchange for doing something, or providing something for someone else. To earn more, you have to do more to make this exchange.

Passive income is income that keeps coming to you over and over after you put something in place that earns the money for you. In other words, once it is set up you don’t need to tend to it to have it keep earning money for you.

This is the way people earn money while they are sleeping. Earning even while not actively involved in the business.

Passive income is the key to get out of the rat race.

Now, let’s go over affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketer promotes products or services to an audience. The audience is the people that read the affiliate marketers content.

If someone in the audience buys the product or service that the affiliate marketer promotes then, the affiliate marketer will get a commission from the sale.

This commission is paid to the affiliate marketer from the company (affiliate) that at is selling the product or service. One great example of an affiliate is Amazon.

As an affiliate marketer you can promote products that are sold on Amazon and get commissions. Just think of all the products Amazon has to offer. All the affiliate marketer has to do is promote a product in such a way that entices a buyer to go to Amazon and buy it.

The person buying the product pays the same amount they would have by going directly to the seller. In other words, there isn’t an up charge to the buyer by going through an affiliate marketers link to buy.

This is a win, win, win situation. The sellers win because, you are promoting their products or services. The buyer wins because, you promoted the best product or service, or maybe the least expensive. The affiliate marketer wins because, they make a commission on the sale.

A true triple win situation.

Affiliate marketers simply have to promote products or services that their audience will buy. Affiliate marketers don’t have to handle the sale, handle any returns or deal with the customer complaints. The seller takes care of all of that, and the transfer of the money.

That’s reason enough to become an affiliate marketer but, there are more awesome reasons as you will soon find out.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Wealthy Affiliate

Why You Should Become an Affiliate Marketer.

Reason #1 – Passive Income

The biggest reason to become an affiliate marketer is the passive income. Once you have a post that is earning you money you let it do its job and move on to the next best money making post on your website. It’s like having a team of sales people that don’t get paid to work for you.

Just think of how many “sales people” you can have out there working 2/7 for you.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Sales People

#2 – Time

As an affiliate marketer you work on your business whenever you want. Affiliate Marketing provides a flexible schedule which is worth so much more than the money it provides.

Most people start the business in their spare time. This spare time-work quickly becomes their passion and they end up being able to quit their day time job. Then they are free to come up with amazing ideas and techniques that will earn them even more money.

There are countless examples out there of people that have done this. Some really successful affiliate marketers were laid off from an everyday job, turned their attention to affiliate marketing and made it big. They would tell you that getting laid off was a true blessing.

Time is very important to me. I know that I can not make more time. I can always make more money but, once time is gone it can’t be gotten back again.

#3 – Low Start Up Cost

Affiliate Marketing is the lowest start up cost business I have ever seen. In fact, if you have a laptop, computer or tablet with an internet connection you can start for free.

At some point you will have to pay for your website to be hosted and you are going to want to own the website. This will be the beginning of the costs associated with the affiliate marketing business.

#4 – Low costs to maintain the business

Once you are up and running there aren’t many costs to worry about. The honest truth is I pay for my website domain, the website hosting, all the tools training and support that I need once a year.

These are my total hard costs to have a successful affiliate marketing business that earns me passive income. All my costs to run this business are less than $500/year.

I already had the computer and the internet connection so these costs aren’t added in just to be fair.

#5 – Your Passion Can Be Your Business

As an affiliate marketer you can make your passion your business. I saw a website the other day all about triathlons. This website promoted the best equipment for participating it triathlons. They also had great content for helping people with triathlon training and everything else that has to do with triathlons.

I imagine the website makes a ton of money even though I don’t know many people that participate in triathlons.

You can have a website for virtually anything and make money while writing about your passion. I guaranty there are products to promote for just about anything you can write about.

There are thousands of affiliates (companies that will let you promote their stuff and pay you for selling it) for anything you can think of.

Maybe, you have your own product or training course you would like to promote. Maybe, you have books you have written that you want to promote. If not, that’s okay. Do what I do on my numerous websites and promote products I like to talk about.

Have you seen the commercials on TV for the show about the lady that is making stuff out of moose turds and selling them? Yes! You can actually sell poop on the internet if you market it the right way. CRAZY!

Reason #6 is The Big One!

The World is Shifting from Analog to Digital

This is the biggest reason why you should start to earn passive income with affiliate marketing.

What? Huh? What do you mean?

The world as we know it is shifting. This shift is happening faster and faster every day. In the very near future almost everything we buy will be bought off the internet. You know it, I know it and yellow dog knows it too.

Just look at Amazon for example. I heard recently that Jeff Bezos (the owner of Amazon) is richer than Warren Buffet. Why? Because almost everything is being bought on the internet and it just going to become more and more of the norm.

Huge corporations that have been around for decades are being forced to shut down because people aren’t leaving their houses to shop.

Look at Sears. Did you ever think that a huge company like Sears would ever be overtaken by companies like Amazon because of the internet?

Hopefully, you didn’t work for one of these companies and are being left behind by the internet. The digital world is going to take over.

I know a guy that was very high up in Sears. He was a director and got laid off. A 40 something year old man with a wife and a kid in high school was forced to sell his home and move back in with his parents and live in their basement.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really nice house with a fully finished basement. Sad story though. Thank God his parents had a nice place for his family to live.

Everything is going to be bought and sold on the internet. It has already happened and the pace at which it will happen will blow our mind.

Think about this for a minute. What is going to happen when self driving trucks put all truck drivers out of a job? It’s going to happen at some point. They are working on having trucks drive themselves to ship everything across the country.

What are all of those truck drivers going to do? I would guess that they don’t all have a parents basement they can live in until they find another job.

Well, I don’t know what they will do but, if they don’t adapt to the new digital world in a hurry, they will be left behind. This is just a small example of how the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

This huge tidal wave is going to happen and the best way to hedge this change is affiliate marketing.

Let’s face it. Most of us average people won’t have a vision like Jeff Bezos. If we had a vision like that what would we do about it? Fear of something being too big for ourselves would take over and crush that vision. At least for most of us it will.

How many times did you wish you invested in a companies like Microsoft or Amazon? When they first came on the scene you didn’t think anything about them and then they blew up. You kick yourself every time you see their stock soar.

Please think for a minute and realize the huge tidal wave that is coming. You are going to wish you had a piece of it while you are being left behind in the near future.

Start your business now to earn passive income with affiliate marketing so, you can be on the good side of the wealth gap.

I promise you that the wealth gap will increase and unfortunately, many people will be on the bad side because they didn’t see it coming.

Some might see it coming but, won’t do anything to ensure they don’t get left behind. Why? Because of the fear of the unknown? Because they don’t believe they can build anything successful?

Don’t be one of those people. Get an affiliate marketing business going now to set yourself up right for the future.

How To Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

This is where you learn how to get started with affiliate marketing. If you have read what I wrote before then, you will understand how important it is that you act now.

You must start with the right training

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Training

Don’t make the mistakes I did and think you can figure it out on your own. Trust me, you will want step by step training. Training that allows you to learn while you earn.

It won’t be much fun learning when you don’t know when the earning will begin. So take comfort that with a lot of ambition and a little hard work you can earn money very quickly.

Before you go off and purchase a domain name and get hosting from somewhere called Bluehost do some research. If you do something like this you will get stuck somewhere along the way. Possibly even before you have a live website like I did.

Then you will have to go back to square one and research the proper training and start again. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. The very best place to get the training and support you will need is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I started over for the 3rd time. I guess the 3rd time is the charm. Wealthy Affiliate is where I have been ever since.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - University

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate was started in 2005 by Carson & Kyle. It is a platform you can use to start any type of website (numerous websites) and maintain it. Wealthy Affiliate has a step by step training system that works awesome for the average construction worker like me.

I had no clue where to begin to build an affiliate marketing website. All I knew was that I wanted one and I was going to learn. Sure, it took me a few tries to find the right place to learn and I still learn more every day.

The step by step system Wealthy Affiliate has for training made it very easy. I had a live website, ready to put my own expression in, by the end of the first day that I started training.

For each step you can either read the instructions or watch the video or both. I chose to do both in the beginning because I wanted to follow the training to a T. I wasn’t going to fail at another attempt to have my own functioning affiliate marketing website.

These step by step courses will show you everything to make the perfect affiliate marketing website. Also, there is live training every week. The live training is recorded and then uploaded in to the platform so you can reference any of them at any time.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has live 24/7 support. You can ask just about anything live and get a response right away from a seasoned member. There are a lot of people on the live chat that have been where you are going. These people are an enormous amount of help. Make sure you use the live chat.

The biggest reason to join is for the training. The intention of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach you about online marketing and give you one platform to make it all happen. There is no signing up for other things and having to go back and forth between them.

Once you are a Wealthy Affiliate premium member there is nothing else to buy (except your domain) so don’t fall for the traps outside of Wealthy Affiliate. The domain you will want to buy is how you will own your own website (usually less that $20/ year so don’t freak out about it).

I Bet By Now You Want to Know the Cost of Wealthy Affiliate

There are a few ways to break down the cost of Wealthy Affiliate. Paying for a yearly membership saves you the most money.

You can sign up for free and for the first 7 days (my recommended method) and start training and build a real affiliate marketing website. This includes the beginner training course which is the first 10 lessons of the Core Certification course and 10 lessons of the affiliate Boot camp Certification course. By the end of just this training alone, what you accomplish will blow your mind!

After the 7 days, or anytime before, you can go to a premium level. The premium level is $49/month (or less per month if you pay for the long membership). This gives you access to everything they have to offer.

  • Premium Yearly = $495 per year
  • Premium Monthly = $49 per month 
  • First Month Premium Monthly Offer = $19 First Month

I signed up one morning for the free trial, and that night I was hooked. I couldn’t sleep thinking about all the potential. I went ahead and signed up for a yearly Wealthy Affiliate membership the next morning and haven’t looked back once.

Look at the chart below to compare the difference between the free starter membership and the Premium membership for Wealthy Affiliate.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Starter Premium

More of What You Get With Wealthy Affiliate

Training, Training, and More Training

When you first sign up for Wealthy Affiliate with the starter membership (initial sign up is free) the first course you start with is called Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1).

This course has 10 lessons and the end result you will have a fully functioning affiliate marketing website full of your own content.

Every step through the Level 1 training, there will be some action based items that you have to complete to move to the next course. For example; Write a review about a product you want to promote on your website and ask the community to engage in comments about it. When you are finished with that you check it off and move on.

This is awesome because it keeps you engaged and makes it so you can’t wait to go on to the next course. You will continue building your website as you go through the training courses.

Certification Courses

Included in the level 1 course, there are a total of 5 certification courses.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!
  4. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
  5. The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Courses

Levels 2 through 5 courses

These courses are premium courses available through the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. They are similar to the level 1 course with action based Items to complete to move on. The difference is they get more advanced.

These courses are designed to fine tune everything and take your affiliate marketing website much further. You don’t even need these courses until you have your website up and running, the way you want, full of a lot of great content.

I am constantly going back to all the courses to refresh my memory about something. You can just search for the topic you need and usually have a few courses to choose from.

You can search the live training courses from the past as well. Sometimes I find much more specific information with these. Speaking of the live training…

Live Training

Every week there is a live training event on Friday afternoons. It’s on the Wealthy Affiliate platform so no need to go anywhere else to watch. I like to just sit and listen and watch. I just go back to the recording after it is posted and watch it again to implement the strategies. Then I am able to push pause when I need to and then move on.

I learn valuable information each and every week. All of these previous live events are available to Wealthy Affiliate premium members to watch anytime.

At the end of each of them is a live Q&A. I like this a lot because it reminds me that there are a lot of people out there that are just getting started and I was once there myself.

Also, people will ask questions that you didn’t think of asking but, you get a valuable answer that can help you out all the time.

People in the community want to help

The Wealthy Affiliate community is great! There are so many people that truly want to help. You aren’t in competition with them and never feel like you are.

Wealthy Affiliate has a strict no selling or spamming policy in the community so, you’re never being sold on something when you ask for advice or training. They have a ranking system based on a lot of categories for how well you are progressing, how you interact with community and provide help.

I don’t get caught up in this ranking system because it doesn’t help my websites. I am running my own race, and I am winning. The ranking system helps you to know that there are people that have been involved with Wealthy Affiliate for a very long time.

Wealthy Affiliate Provides the Tools to Get the Job Done

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform are all the tools you need to be successful. I honestly don’t even know of all of them yet and I have been on it almost every day for over a year know.

I learn more and more about the tools every Friday. Tools like Jaaxy. Jaaxy is the tool to search keywords that will help you posts rank high up with Google.

See what I mean by the tools below.

Site Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate makes it all very easy with WordPress hosting. It’s very reliable and fast. It makes your affiliate marketing website building a breeze. Basically, with WordPress in the Wealthy Affiliate platform you don’t have to deal with and technical stuff to build our site.

Some great features that I love are,

  • Auto log in to your website
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Email & Forwards to other emails

Site Builder

One of the side building tool is the SiteRubix. Normally, when you start a website you have to go through an insane amount of steps to get it going but, not with Wealthy Affiliate.

The SiteRubix tool can create a website that you can start to customize in 4 simple steps.

This takes all the pain away from starting a website so you can just get after it.

Site Domains

You can start an affiliate marketing website for free with the SiteRubix. Soon (and I mean very soon) you will want to OWN your website. You can buy the domain right in the platform and it seamlessly transfers over with all the posts and pages you already created.

In the Wealthy affiliate platform you can have multiple websites.

Starter Members (free membership) = 1 Free website on the siterubix.com domain Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members can have = 10 websites. You don’t need 10 websites to get really far down the road in this digital world shift.

When you buy your domain you will notice they don’t up sell you like all the others. Everything is already included for a price lower that others like Godaddy.com from my experience.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Domains


There is an unbelievable amount of support in Wealthy Affiliate. You can get live help, private messaging, live training with Q & A sessions. You can get feedback about your website and another section called training classrooms.

The bottom line about support is, if you need it, all you do is ask. If you don’t get the support you need it’s your own fault.

Anytime I am trying to figure anything out, I just search it in the training or, the recorded live training and it comes up. I have to refer back to it the training all the time for new stuff and refreshers of the stuff I already learned.

My personal opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

I have been with Wealthy affiliate a little over a year. I have been in construction for over 20 years so I had no experience with building websites.

Now I have numerous websites that are working magically and earning me passive income. Without the Wealthy Affiliate training I would have given up a long time ago, but everyday I can’t wait the wake up and see how my sites preformed while I was sleeping.

I have not been discouraged and my sites just keep growing. It won’t be long before I don’t need my day job anymore. I tried two other so called training platforms before Wealthy Affiliate and they turned out to be a waste of money and more importantly a waste of time. For me, Wealthy Affiliate is worth the cost and has paid for itself many times over.

I am proof that Wealthy Affiliate works!

It takes some hard work and you have to take serious action, but I found it is a labor of love. It doesn’t feel like I have worked hard until I look back and think about all the hours I put in, but I just couldn’t get enough.

I know my family will be fine in the future since I have taken serious action to avoid being left behind.

What are Others Saying about Wealthy Affiliate?

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Feedback

Don’t Be Left Behind

Are you ready to change your life for the better and stop looking for a get-rich-scheme? Wealthy Affiliate is not a MLM opportunity or a pyramid program of any sort. This is simply a way for you to start an affiliate marketing business, the right way. A business you can align with your passion and one you will love to work on.

This is the best way I know of to hedge against the future digital world talking over making the rich richer, and the poor poorer. This wealth gap will increase faster and faster. What side of the gap do you want to be on when its bigger than the Grand Canyon?

You will quickly learn that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

This will take some honest effort and the correct attitude. If you are willing to start s successful business from the ground up then go ahead and click below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and get it moving.

Keep this in mind, you can start for free and get your feet wet. You will know right away if this is a good idea for you but, also keep in mind the way the world is changing. You will want a piece of the action. Don’t look back someday and wish you had invested more in your future. The quicker you start, the quicker you can get moving toward your monthly passive income earning goal.

Go ahead and click below and you will be immediately enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership. No credit card required for this. Once you are on the inside I will be notified and I will reach out to you to help direct you in any way I can. There is truly no reason not to do this unless you have a better plan for the future where there will be tons of people left behind.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing - Start

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    • Alblue, I have now doubt you will find that Wealthy Affiliate can help you with earning passive income. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  18. Hi Russ,

    Thank you for your article, I was searching the web for an income I could make wile I was sleeping or on holiday. To find your article and that it’s called a Passive Income. I have built a website and I am just finishing it I hope to get affiliate links on it soon.

    All the best Jack

    • Great job Jack! Please do me a favor and check back with me in a few weeks. I really would like to know how it’s coming. Also, if you think I can help you don’t be afraid to ask. 

  19. I used to think that Amazon was great for affiliate marketing (largely due to the wide array of products and services you can promote in any niche), however, I am not so confident in their system nowadays (especially after their recent commission cut). I guess if you are not solely dependent on Amazon as your source of income then they may work for you, but if you are, does it actually make sense? Especially when you compare the amount of work you have to do with the reward of your hard labor. It lends you to think.

    But this is not an Amazon rant. LOL.

    I love affiliate marketing, and I believe it’s truly a great way to launch and build out your online business. I look forward to seeing what is in store for me.

    • Karema, It’s true that Amazon has lowered their commissions but, there are so many other companies that have the same or even better products you can promote. 

      If you want help finding some let me know. Just don’t get discouraged with your affiliate marketing biz. 

  20. You got a real good point there about the world is in a shift from analog to digital. And this decade coming it will not be less. Online business industry will grow. I must admit I do not like the word passive income. You explain the difference well, but many people think passive income means they do not have to do anything. As you say, you do some work that you will be able to harvest the fruits of. Much like planting an apple tree and making it grow. For every year, providing you take good care of it, it will grow bigger and bear more fruit. I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best and complete online business building training you will find. 

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    • Awesome comment about Wealthy Affiliate Darrin. Sounds like I should have you do a guest post on my website someday. 

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