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Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

In this post I will explain how to earn money affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative and rewarding real business.

Being your own boss, a job that aligns with your passion, and working on your own schedule are some of the benefits of an affiliate marketing business.

Here I will explain what affiliate marketing is, the possible amount of money you can earn, and how to get started the right way. This is real and very simple.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept. You have a website that you put content on that promotes or reviews products. Those products have “affiliate links” attached to them.

When one of your readers clicks on your “affiliate link” it takes them to a place they can buy the product. When they buy the product you get a commission from the sale.

The best part for your reader is, there is no extra cost to them. You are simply showing them where and why to buy a product and getting a piece of the sale.

Simple concept right?

Possible earnings

Some of the top affiliate marketers earn money that will blow your mind. Here are a few examples.

  • Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn earns $200,000.00 +/month.
  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner earns $100,000.00 +/month
  • Melyssa Griffin earns $200,000.00 +/month
  • Jeff Rose earns $138,000.00 +/month

This is just a few examples. There are some that earn more, a lot that earn less, and many more in between.

They all started somewhere. Some not very long ago. What you can earn directly depends on your effort and drive. After you receive the proper training of course.

If you have been wondering while reading this if YOU can earn money as an affiliate marketer the answer is YES!

Build a real business

The people in the list above have a real business. They didn’t start with a bunch of employees and a big warehouse. They most likely started (or still do) running it out of their homes with a computer or laptop.

Some started out doing something for fun and turned it into a real business. The point is, you can be an affiliate marketer and have a real business.

Really, to do this you just need a laptop, tablet or computer and an internet connection.

Once you have that, find the proper place to learn. I know quite a few people that start something like this and give up very quickly. In most cases they got stuck somewhere along the way.

The way they went about it caused them to have questions, but didn’t know where to get the answers. This was a shame because, it broke the spirit of some people that I know had the determination and the drive to succeed, but were stopped in their tracks.

Get the right training and support

Before you go off and purchase a domain name and get hosting from somewhere called Bluehost do some research. If you do something like this you will get stuck somewhere along the way. Possible even before you have a live website.

Then you have to go back to square one and research the proper training and start again. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.

Ready to start for real?

Are you ready to change your life for the better and stop looking for a get-rich-scheme? This is not a MLM opportunity or a pyramid program of any sort. This is simply a way for you to start a business, the right way. A business you can align with your passion and love to work on.

This will take some honest effort and the correct attitude. If you are willing to start s successful business form the ground up the go ahead and click on my #1 recommended method to learn more.

Keep this in mind, you can start for free and get your feet wet. You will know right away if this is a good idea for you.

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  1. I dabbled with the idea of affiliate marketing 2 years ago as a way to generate extra income while still working my normal job. What I didn’t realize is that after a few months, it took off and I started generating as much as my normal job! As you mentioned, all you need is a laptop (and coffee!) and you have your office. I fully agree with your “#1 recommendation method” – I use Wealthy Affiliate and they trained me in everything, have a network of people there to assist who started with the same novice/intermediate skillset you may have. I went from knowing nothing about affiliate marketing to making enough income to where my wife was able to quit her job and help raise the little one. I fully recommend it – great article! 

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, I forgot to mention the coffee. Great point. 

      Congratulations on stepping up big for the family and making it so your wife can be a stay at home mom. 

      Great job!

  2. I am blessed to see such an informative article. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing can be one of the best ways to earn online. Wealthy Affiliate popularity is increasing day by day. Now People are choosing Affiliate Marketing for online earning. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I want everyone to know about Affiliate Marketing. So that everyone can benefit. I learned a lot about Affiliate Marketing from this article. I’m so impressed. I think, everyone should Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so that everyone can know about Affiliate Marketing.

  3. I just saw a video on social media about 10 online business you can start right now and affiliate marketing was on the list. I, too, am an affiliate marketer and it is great being your own boss, doing something you have a passion for , and working on your own schedule.

    You are right to say that affiliate marketing is a very simple concept. Creating content that promotes or reviews products and attaching “affiliate links”to them is so simple that anyone can do it. It is so satisfying when one of your readers clicks on your “affiliate link” and even more so when they buy the product and you get a commission from the sale. It’s a WIN-WIN situation. The other great thing is that to do this you just need a laptop, tablet or computer and an internet connection.

    It’s important to also know that it does require dedication and commitment to be an affiliate marketer. It is definitely not a “get rich quick” scheme.


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