doTERRA MLM Review - Scam

doTERRA MLM Review

Of all the personal care and supplement MLM companies out there doterra is one that is taking off fast. This is another MLM company that is making promises that you can make good money in your spare time just sharing your experience of their products with others. In this doTERRA MLM Review, we will look deeper into the aspects of the business. You may learn that MLMs aren’t the really a good thing for you. Let’s get starter with what is doTERRA? There is a much better option as I will revile later.

What is doTERRA?

The doTERRA MLM was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This is a fast growing MLM that sells essential oils, personal care products and, of course, nutritional supplements. Yes! Another MLM selling nutritional supplements. They also have a kid’s collection of products to get the heart strings going of the mom’s out there.

Are doTERRA Products Worth Their Price?

doTERRA offers a wide variety of products. Their products target people that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the oils, personal care, and nutritional supplement products.

Their featured products are the essential oils. They show you how to use these oils, apply them to your skin, ingest them, or aromatically. The claim is that each different oil can help you address your health priorities naturally.

doTERRA MLM Review - Essential Oil

As you see in the example above, the Basil essential oil retails for $32.00 however, you can get it at the wholesale price of $24.00 when you sign up as a member. These products are a little expensive in this competitive market, but they pride themselves on the stuff being natural and pure. You can buy essential oils all over the internet and many local stores.

The doTERRA MLM Opportunity

The way the doTERRA MLM works is, you sign up as a wellness advocate (this requires buying a product of your choice). After sign up you have access to a whole host of training and literature you can use to sell the goods (they charge you for the literature). Normally, you would be approached by someone that tries to sell it to you and hopefully they can talk you into signing up. You can just sign up on your own through their website.

The whole key is to get wellness advocates working under you. They seem to want you to get 3 in your downline and they in turn get 3 in their downline. The more you can get in the perspective downlines they more you move up in rank.

Your commissions will depend on how much you and your downline can sell. Oh, and also, you have a required personal amount to purchase every month to get paid. You will get paid commissions on your downline for their first 60 days. This makes it important to help motivate your downline sales for the first 60 days at least.

Can You Make Money With doTERRA?

The way you make money is by selling products to people. Most likely you would start with family and friends in hopes to get a downline started. Then you would move on to anyone you think would want to improve their wellness with essential oils, personal care, and nutritional supplement products.

doTERRA MLM Review - Compensation

You have to have a certain amount of personal purchases every month in order to stay in the game. This may not be hard when you truly believe in the product. Recruiting people to join your team is the name of the game. For them to sign up they have to make a purchase. Cha Ching! You are on your way. What is better than friends and family supporting your business


Interested people sign up easily

You will sign people that are interested in buying easily because they will buy at a wholesale price. Then they will do the same with someone else.

Flexible Schedule

This opportunity is one that allows you to do it full-time or part-time. You can work as much or as little as you want.

Tons of Training available

There are so many training aides it will make your head spin. Videos and literature and courses.


Only paid commissions from your downline for their first 60 days

This is tough because you will have to really push your downline for their first 60 days. After that, you won’t really care about them as much. For some, this will make them go from one extreme to the other. First, pushing too hard, then not helping at all.

You will constantly have to enroll new downline sales

Because of the 60 day commission deal, you will need new people constantly to keep the train rolling.

Buy more to stay in the game

Everything you need to stay in the game and keep busting your hump comes at a price. The training courses, the literature to show buyers and potential downline sales people, products. It’s sort of an a la carte menu.

Is doTERRA a Scam?

Although there is a very thin line between a pyramid scheme and a MLM I do not believe doTERRA MLM is a scam. I do believe it would be hard to build a real business out of it. You would have tremendous turn over with your donwline and everyone has a limited number of friends to go through. It seems you would work really hard selling these products just to see your efforts vanish with each individual every 60 days. Not all MLMs are scams, however they are in it to move product and don’t have the people selling the products best interests in mind.


On the surface MlM companies will look very easy to sell product for great returns. This is why so many people fall for the trap. Most of the time they work hard for a few weeks or months and when nothing big is realized they move on to something better. In the end most people will spend more on the system then they make.

Again, MLMs are designed to move as much product as possible. This only help the people at the top to sit back and live like fat cats. When your customers decide to move on your business can vanish into thin air and you are back to square one. There is a way to build a real business that won’t make you spend tons of money every month to stay in the game. Even better, it’s a real business you can start training for today for free! If you want to learn more about this real, and very lucrative business check out my #1 recommended method. It this, you will learn how to successfully and quickly build a business starting right now with all the training, tools and a website with 24/7 support. It’s time for action now! Stop wondering and waiting for something to land in lap. Today is the day to change it all.

doTERRA MLM Review - Get Started

doTerra MLM

Free with Purchase





Overall Quality



  • Purchasers Will Most Likely Sign Up
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Tons of Training Avalible


  • Commissions on Downline Sales Only First 60 Days
  • Always in Need of New Downline
  • Required to Buy Products and such to Keep Goin

4 thoughts on “doTERRA MLM Review”

  1. Hi,

    Last year I bought some doTerra products from a representative, not realizing that this was an MLM. I was quite happy with the product. I did not buy much, but I liked what I got. Going through your review, though, I would not sign up as a representative. If you have to buy proucts every month and their support isn’t great, I would not want to bother with that. Good support is essential. 

    Could you tell me about the support your alternative way of making money gives? Is there continuous support when people sign up?

    • Hi Christine,

      There is an unbelievable amount of support with Wealthy Affiliate. As much training and support as anyone can handle. I have not run into anything I couldn’t find help with at Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t say enough good things about it. 

  2. Why do the majority of dodgy MLM companies sell their products at such ridiculous prices. You can get a 10ml essential oil from Amazon for around $3 or a pack of 6 * 10 ml for about $10. Is the doTERRA essential oil really 10 times better than the Amazon one?

    I’m not denying that there is probably a quality difference between cheap and expensive products, but is it really that much difference?

    It makes sense that the MLM companies that sell more affordable products (such as Avon or Betterware here in the Uk) have a much better success rate for the everyday man or woman. Whilst you will never get rich from these affordable product schemes, you can at least have a chance of earning some extra pocket money etc. 

    It seems to me that MLM schemes such as DoTERRA are totally designed for the top people to get rich and the everyday man or woman to get scammed! Sorry for saying that! But if it’s unethical its a scam in my view, whilst it may not be technically according to law etc. The majority of people buying the expensive products are the low-level MLMers that are trying (and inevitably failing) to set-up a business. i.e. buying samples as part of the contract!

  3. Hi, I read your post, I want to share my experience with you. Years ago I also worked for a perfume company that made mlm the system was the same used by this company of essential oils, at the beginning I was able to make several registered friends, relatives, friends of friends, but then with the time these people started to be inactive so I had no more earnings. So in the end I let it go. I don’t think it’s a long-term job because unfortunately you always depend on other people.


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