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Daily Positive Thoughts – Live a Better Life

Do you ever ask yourself why you aren’t living a happier life? What is the answer to your why? Start using daily positive thoughts.

Are there things running your life that are out of your control? You may feel like you can’t control things that are happening to you but, the truth is you can.

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What are you telling yourself? If, you are telling yourself negative things then, it’s time to stop. Start a new way of thinking with daily positive thoughts. While this may be difficult at first, so is pretty much everything the first time you try them. You have to start somewhere. Stop going down a road that won’t help you get to where you want to go. You wouldn’t start driving East if you really wanted to go West. At least, not for very long anyway. Why should we drive the wrong way in our own minds? Let’s figure out how to use daily positive thoughts and live a better life.

What does Negative self-talk do?

Negative self-talk can hurt you in a multitude of ways. It can make you feel horrible for no reason. It may affect your health without you knowing it. It will destroy your confidence make you depressed and have could have a huge impact on your hair loss. Ultimately, it will block you from reaching you destiny.

What I mean by negative self-talk.Daily Positive Thoughts - Negative self talk

We all talk bad to ourselves from time to time. Talking bad to yourself can be as simple as calling yourself dumb and go all the way to wondering why you are even alive. Just saying something like “I’m dumb” or “I’m not a smart man” on a regular basis will add up to a mountain of negativity if left unchecked.

Negative self-talk to me, is anything you think or say about yourself that is not positive. There is no reason to make it confusing.

Find the positive in any negative.

I hear you saying something like “I lost my one on one basketball game tonight? There is nothing positive about that!”. Sure there is. Be grateful you are able to play. Be grateful you made it to the game and back home safely. There is always something positive in any situation. It just depends on what you are looking for.

Take a different approach.

Make the decision to be positive. No one wants to be around curmudgeon. Enough negative self-talk and you won’t even want to be around you.

Make a clear and committed decision to only be positive. You have to consciously focus your mind on finding only positive things. When you don’t focus consciously your mind will go wherever it wants. You have to control your mind. This is much easier said that done.

No more complaining about your looks. Tell yourself you are a masterpiece! Say it enough and you will believe it. No more whining about what you don’t have. Start being grateful for what you do have. See all the bless-

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ings in your life. Take a few minutes every day to talk to yourself about all the positive qualities you do have.

Start with saying a few things every day that make you feel good. I have great skin. My hair is amazing. I’m grateful I have hair. If you don’t then, say you love the skin on your head.


Your life is going in the direction of your thoughts. It’s been proven over and over, what your consciously and continually focus on will show up in your life. Some people call this the Law of Attraction.

Your thoughts turn into actions. If you think you are lazy and think it enough then, you will be tired all the time. Instead, when you feel a little tired think about all the abundant energy you have.

Try this simple test and see what it does for you. I’m willing to bet you will feel better.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you take a small step to feeling better from time to time.

Remember, you have to think daily positive thoughts if you want anything good to happen in your life.

Get in touch with me. Let me know your pain and struggles and together, we can figure something out. Comment below or email me at russ@singledadstuff.com

2 thoughts on “Daily Positive Thoughts – Live a Better Life”

  1. Hi Russ

    I like your post and I completely agree with you. When your way of thinking does not help you improve, you should change it and try a new way. 

    If your thoughts are always negative and you are always sad about your life, why don’t you try positive thinking, try to see the little positives you are achieving and aim higher? Take baby steps and you will daily see a big change in your life.

    Thanks for sharing!


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