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Cutco MLM Review

Want to get paid preforming infomercials in people’s homes? This Cutco MLM Review won’t be as boring to read as the other reviews. Pedal some knives and get paid. It’s just that easy!

Have you ever woke up and wished that someone would just show up and tell you about the best knives in the world? No! Me neither. How the heck have they sold so many knives, and I don’t know anyone that has any? I guess this means that I might be able to sell a fair amount of them.

Anyway, is selling Cutco the right real business for you? Keep reading to find out.

What I Like about Cutco MLM

You can get paid for demonstrations even if there isn’t a sale. (qualified appointments only, whatever that means)

The Forever Guarantee on products

No sign up fee

What I Don’t Like about Cutco MLM

10% commission on sales. BOO! That’s pretty Low for MLMs

You don’t get paid for your training

Vector Marketing (the MLM part of the biz) has a pretty dark black eye

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Summary of Cutco

According to Wikipedia, Cutco has been around for a long time. The name has changed a few times, but the Cutco name started in 2009. They pride themselves on products being American Made and the Forever Guarantee. This is how they market them for such a high price I take it.

Cutco has a whole bunch of products to choose from, but their focus is on kitchen knives. These products are marketed to customers trough in-home demonstrations by independent sales representatives. They target college students for sales representatives.

Vector Marketing

Vector Marketing is the company Cutco uses to recruit the representatives to sell the Cutco products. They are the advertisers of the Cutco MLM. There have been many lawsuits brought against Vector Marketing in the past which has given them somewhat of a black eye.

Are Cutco Products Worth Their Price?

Cutco MLM Review - Product cost


So let me get this straight. You just came to my house to show me some knives, and now you want me to throw down about $1,300.00? Does that come with a special bonus? Maybe, some words of wisdom at least? Please replace my tomatoes you made tomato sauce out of.

Do people really pay this much for kitchen knives? Maybe I need to see a presentation to understand.

The Cutco MLM Opportunity

It seems fairly easy to become an independent sale representative with Cutco. You sign up, (no fee) go through the training and start setting appointments to demonstrate the products. Even if you don’t make the sale, you can get paid a little for the demonstration. This probably shouldn’t be your ultimate goal though, as I doubt you can make much all said and done.

You get a lousy 10% commission on the purchases your buyer makes. This seems very low given the time and effort it would take to get someone to hand over around a grand to buy some knives. Tough gig!

What Is The Cost To Join Cutco?

There is no sign up fee, you don’t pay for a sales kit or training. This usually isn’t the case with MLMs so you got that going for you, which is nice.

What about the hidden costs? You will need to go through training. (Time you are not paid for). You will need to set up some type of business. (Lots of different costs involved with that). You will have to travel for demonstrations. (No car or gas allowance.) There are many other things to consider doing it correctly for sure.

Can You Make any Money with Cutco?

Sure you can. You might spend an hour pitching a $1,300 set of knives and hopefully in the end they will at least buy a potato peeler from you out of sympathy. That would cost them around $40. Your commission is 10% on $40 they spent. This is a big 4 bucks. Nice!

The problem I see is that many people won’t spend this much on a set of knives no matter how sharp or good the guaranty is. Let’s be honest, it will be a tough sale to make over and over. Your percentage of sales to demonstrations would be pretty low even if you are a seasoned door-to-door vacuum sales person.

It’s going to be tough to hustle these products and make any real money. I know, I know, there are people that have had big success with it, but they must be very passionate about selling kitchen knives.


You can get paid for qualified demonstrations even if you don’t make a sale.

Make sure you know what constitutes a qualified demonstration, so you don’t get burned by this rule. If they buy that $40 potato peeler you probably don’t get this. But you get your $4 smackers alright!

The Forever Guaranty

This is a sweet tool in you sales toolbox since, you will be asking people to throw down possibly more than they spent on their first car.

No sign up fee

Most MLMs want you to pay them to become some sort of sales person for them so this is a bargain. Just make sure you explore the hidden costs of a business of this type.


10% Commission

Come on man! This is way too low for most MLMs. Think of all the effort you will put into making some sales. 10% is just too low in my opinion.

You don’t get paid wile in training

This is actually typical of most MLMs, but I put it as a con since they target college students.

Vector Marketing MLM has a black eye

There have been many lawsuits brought against Vector Marketing in the past. These have forced them to change the way representatives are compensated in some ways.

Is Cutco MLM a Scam?

Although it is a MLM, Cutco is not a scam. The mlm part of some companies will show you the best case scenarios of success. This gets your emotions flowing and some people make business decisions based off of them.

Don’t let your emotions control your decision of what business to get into. While some people can realize great success with these models, there is an overwhelming number of people that end up not making a real business out of them.

They get in with great drive, then the drive slowly goes away, and many end up with a lot of time wasted and move on to something better. The 10% commission certainly doesn’t help in my opinion.

This does seem to be a good way for younger people to get out there and learn some sales though. This would have been beneficial for me when I was younger and very shy.


Do you have a great passion for demonstrating kitchen knives in someone’s home? If so, go for it! Please do some more research on it though. Make sure you are willing to put in the kind of effort it will take, for the long run to make something real happen.

There are a lot of ways to have your own real business with a flexible schedule out there. I suggest, you first decide what you want to sell for the long run. Get a website and build a real business. If you are ready to start somewhere with this, check out my #1 recommended method for starting a business. This is an opportunity to start training for free, with 2 websites, all the tools to build them, all the training to build them and 24/7 support. Start building a real online business today!

Cutco MLM Review - Start



Cutco MLM









  • Paid for Demonstrations
  • The Forever Guaranty
  • No Sign Up Fee


  • Low Commissions
  • No Paid Training
  • Vector Marketing MLM Black Eye

8 thoughts on “Cutco MLM Review”

  1. Hello; much said about Cutco kitchen knives. How much have you paid for your set of kitchen knives? Cutco is certainly not a Scam. They are trying to sell their products in good faith. 

    However, Kitchen Knives are not easily worn out, they serve for many years. If the steel they are made from is live steel you will not need a set of more than three kitchen knives. College students need the exposure knocking on doors and talking with people gives exactly that kind of exposure.


  2. 10% commission is really low … that was a shocker for me too. The knives look great, but I would not pay over a thousand dollars for a set of knives. I am not sure anyone would, but I guess there are people who pay that, perhaps professional chefs? Just a guess. And for such an expensive item, the commission should be a lot higher than 10% …

    Have they been around since 2009? It seems that they are making money with their business, but only the ones on top, for sure not their sales representatives …

  3. I have to say – I have never enjoyed a review quite as much as I did this one.  Your presentation is very funny and nothing is better than a few laughs these days.  I assume they are very good knives – but yikes, I can’t imagine going into someone’s home and expecting them to shell out $1,300.  That alone would make it very difficult for me to try this MLM product!!!!  I know that some people are born sales peoples and would enjoy doing this. Zig Ziglar for one.  But me, I am just not good at selling. So, what is the other option that you mention? What is Wealthy Affiliate and how do you make money with that company? Is it also an MLM and do you have to do sales?  Anyway – keep writing with humor and obvious enjoyment!!! This world needs some humor and you definitely provide humor with information!!!!

  4. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your reviews on Cutco, I was referred to Cutco by my cousin, but I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not, so I decided to do some research online then I saw your reviews on your website, I believe after going through your article, my doubt has been cleared, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  5. Hello there, thanks for this very detailed and informative review on Cutco, i understand for a post as this a lot of conscious, calculated and conscious effort have been put in bringing this together, I like the fact that Cutco doesn’t not have a sign up fee, you don’t pay for a sales kit or training unlike other MLM, even though the 10% commission is quite small but I think its worth investing, thanks for sharing.


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