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Building Self Esteem Activities

Hello everyone. Let’s get some of your confidence back with these building self-esteem activities. If you have ever felt like you were just not good enough, or recently had a wall come up against you, this just might be what you need.

Self esteem is very important. Without it we could never achieve our destiny. You have to feel good about yourself to properly engage with other people.

Please look through this post and ponder what points could help you feel better about yourself.

Take care of your own needs first.

Don’t neglect the things that you need. You need to eat healthy and get good sleep. You need to take a shower once in a while and brush your teeth.

Whatever your needs are take care of them. You really can’t be too helpful to someone else if your own needs aren’t met.

Negative self-talk is no longer allowed.

Don’t tell yourself lies and say bad things about yourself. Your brain will believe you more than it will believe someone else. There are enough things that come against you day to day that you need to be good to yourself.

Instead of telling yourself something like “I’m not a good dad” you should say something like “I may not be the best dad, but I am getting better every day”.

Change your thinking to a positive mindset. When a negative thought about you starts to creep in to your mind stop it in its tracks. Turn it around and say something positive about yourself.

Be grateful.

Say out loud to yourself every day all the things you are grateful for. Put yourself in a happy state. Be grateful for things like your health, your kids health.

Say you are grateful to have that job or that good friend.

Everyday point out the things you are grateful for.

Celebrate your successes.

Even small successes are important. Be happy that you didn’t lose your mind on your kid when he didn’t put the milk away. Tell yourself you are awesome because you made that sale last week.

Give yourself rewards for doing little things that you know you needed to do. Give yourself an extra Oreo for breakfast because you didn’t stay up all night playing video games.

Soon those little successes will turn into bigger more meaningful successes.

Look for ways to be a blessing to someone.

When you bless people you not only help them, you increase your own value as well. It’s always good to bless people, but don’t discount what it does for you.

This can be so simple. Let someone in front of you at the store. Give someone a compliment. Help your kid with his chores so you can get outside to throw the ball faster.

Anything you can think of that might brighten someone’s day can be a blessing.

Keep increasing your positive thinking.

Just like not talking bad about yourself you will want to increase your positive thinking. Guard your mind against negative thoughts about anything. Choose to only let positive thoughts dominate your mind.

Your kid got a bad grade on a test. So what, that won’t follow him around for the rest of his life. Speak faith into him. Tell him you know he will do better next time because he knows better of what is expected of him.

This is not easy to do. It takes constant and never ending practice. That brings me to my next point.

Don’t beat yourself up.

When you stumble, and you cause a result that your don’t want, don’t waste time and space in your mind beating yourself up. This won’t help you to not do it again next time.

So much of the time we get mad at ourselves for insignificant things. So you forgot to fold your laundry. Yes you will have to drag out the iron tomorrow or just go to work like you are wearing lettuce. Shake it off and iron that shirt.

Have some self care and be happy with how you look. Be grateful you have an iron and tell yourself you are going to crush the day. Get to the office and tell the receptionist she looks very nice today.

Get your work done well and right and go home and love your kids.

Become a person you never imagined you could be.

Do you really want to gain self-esteem? Get out of your funk and negative attitude of yourself?

Then take my #1 recommendation for achieving it.

Get the book by Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within“.

If you get this book and follow the exercises it will literally change your life. It does take some time, but you will need some grace and time to make a real and lasting change.

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20 thoughts on “Building Self Esteem Activities”

  1. Hi, thank you for writing this article. Especially the principle “Celebrate your successes Give yourself rewards for doing little things that you know you needed to do. Soon those little successes will turn into bigger more meaningful successes”. You remind me of my beloved late father. He treated his little daughters by eating out of home together when we did a great job in the school. I miss the priceless moment. It made me try to do the best in my studies. I felt that I have made my father happy. I love my parents so much so I always want to make them happy. Thank you for reminding me about the principle. I will apply it more in my daily activities.  

  2. Take the “little” wins as I call it.  I was a single dad for a five plus years after my divorce and sometimes things can be overwhelming.  I started putting a list together to knock off things to make it less overwhelming and then started celebrating the small wins day by day. It really put things at ease as life can be manageable if you take action.  I love that Tony Robbins book and audio series, everyone should consume it!  I once saw Tony live in 1992 and not only is he HUGE in person his take action philosophy is hard coded in my brain.

  3. There are important points worth considering in this post. One is to look for ways of becoming a blessing to others. It’s so refreshing when we know we’re in a positions we can help.

    And the most important of all, I believe, is to be grateful. Grateful towards those that have helped us in the past and grateful for our present condition. So many times we focus on the negatives and there is always so many reasons to give thanks!

  4. Having a high level of self esteem will go a long way to ensuring fulfillment in our daily living and development. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. To be honest, I really fancy this post here because self esteem can do a lot for us as individuals and help to build a life worth living. Thanks for this post

  5. Hello Russ, for me, I believe that the formula to this is being appreciative of the little things that comes out way. We shouldn’t also be bad about the bad things that happen to us, instead we should keep hoping that we can go from that to becoming even better people like in the example you have with self esteem. I love this post and I should share it.

  6. Thank you, lovely contents. 
    The self-esteem we often call and self-awareness is the knowledge of itself and our relationship as we know it. A healthy self-awareness says, “I’m fine and I’m worth what I am!” I am precious but for my own existence! The person is pleased with themselves. Low degree of self-esteem/self-respect marks a constant sense of insecurity, self-criticism and guilt. The self-world can be developed and quitative and quantum-based in our entire lives. Confidence speaks of our ability, art; Which we are good at and what we are skilled at or are clumsy and unsuccessful. It’s more of an extracellular, acquired trait. For example, “I’m a good mathematician.”, or “I have no talent for singing.”

    • Alisa, 

      Thank you for all of that great wisdom. It seem, we could all learn something of value from you comment. 

      Thank you. 

  7. Hello Russ, having a good level of self-esteem is really great and it can be really useful when you are in some difficult situation. Many people with low self-esteem have deprived themselves of benefiting some things that can be life-changing. Helping yourself develop it is very good and like you have mentioned appreciating your little success, giving yourself you required credits and not dwelling in mistakes would do a lot of good. 

  8. Hello Russ Gall,

    Foremost, let me express my sincere appreciation for the valuable moment you have spent while writing this article. What I can say, it is on point and so informative.

    Self-esteem and prioritizing yourself is an essential fact most of us lack. After reading this emotional and motivational article, I can tell that I will start making myself a priority as well as celebrating each piece of success to be achieved in my life.

    I am looking forward to getting that book of Robbins “Awaken the Giant within!

    Thank you very much

  9. This i can relate and understand very well because i once had low self esteem, though not anymore because am developing and working towards high self esteem, thanks anyway for this awesome and great tips, i sure will start celebrating my success instead of hiding and being ungrateful….this is wonderful, and will certainly get the awaken the giant within.

  10. I am very reminscent of this information.  I have been battling, like many people these days, with negative thoughts and anxiety and fear has ran rampant in my mind.  Now I am starting to defeat slowly, little by little.  And it really is affected on what we feed our mind.  That goes with everything and anything.  Who we follow on social media, who we listen to on the radio and who we allow in our lives, people wise.  Those people who speak to us a lot gives us energy and we have to be mindful of who we are allowing to be around us.  I am living proof that you can turn yourself around.  That probably means a lot of sacrifices but man oh man are they worth it.  Surround yourself with people who care about you not people who care for you to be around them. 


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