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Best Home Protection

What is your plan for protecting your home from invaders? What is the best home protection? What might be right for someone may not be the best for another.

As a single father, I am the protector of my family. I have made a promise that I will protect this house by any means necessary. For some of you it is time to take proactive action. Don’t wait and have a reactive action.

Make a home protection plan right away. Don’t end up with regretting something that you know you should have taken care of.

Below are some basic but, effective things you might be able to implement in your plan right away.

Get a dog

A dog can be one of the best deterrents for a bad person. Dogs are a lot more aware of certain things than we are. They can obviously hear better than we can and therefore they are aware of sounds more than we are.

We have a black lab. I’m not sure he could bite anyone hard enough to hurt them but, he has a loud bark. I’m confident that his bark alone would send a bad guy running.

Even a small dog will let a bad guy know that you know he’s around and will likely find another place to apply his efforts.

Having a dog is practical in my situation but, it may not be in yours. Some people just don’t want a dog. Others wouldn’t be able to care for the dog or simply can’t have one where they live.

Video cameras

Putting a video camera (such as a Ring doorbell) in a conspicuous area can be very effective. If a bad guy sees the camera he will likely move on to the neighbors.

These days there are a wide variety of different cameras. Some have alarms you can set off or lights that come on with movement.

Just having them where a bad guy can see them should be the deterrent. If the bad guy decides the camera won’t affect him then you are back to the reaction stage of protection.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are great deterrents as well. The hard part of an alarm system is which one to choose and how much will it cost me every month?

Also, you have to remember to arm and dis-arm them. Once you get into a rhythm with this its’t not a problem.

I have some friends that only remember to turn it off when they answer the door. They have a sign on the inside of the front door that says “Alarm Off?”

Make sure you look around and do your research of alarm systems. There are a lot out there with a lot of promises. Also, make sure you have a sign on your window or in your yard that tells potential bad guys you have it.

Home defense weapon

Having a home defense weapon is another reactive method. These are only useful when a bag guy actually gets in your house.

It doesn’t have to be a gun. Maybe you would be a little more comfortable with a Louisville Slugger next to your door or by your bed. If this is your choice just make sure you can swing it with enough authority.

Also, I’m not a fan of signs at the front door like “This house is protected by Smith & Wesson”. I don’t want the bad guys knowing I might have a gun. Then they will probably want to come back and see what I have when no one is home.

Make sure you have a plan

The important thing to realize here is you need to have a plan. Start simple if you want but, don’t leave yourself open to a problem you have no defense for.

Again, I am the protector of our house and there is no excuse for me to not have the best home protection plan in place.

I have a son that sleeps very well at night knowing his dad will do anything to protect our home. He doesn’t have any fears of the bag guy.

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8 thoughts on “Best Home Protection”

  1. Dogs go a long pretty way stop intruders from invading cos lots of people knows a lot about cameras…but cameras If properly put in place I feel will do better security work….but security is really in Gods hand….we should always pray to God to keep us safe from intruders and invader’s at l time.

  2. We are currently experiencing a stage in which the world can be dangerous, and I believe that implementing security measures is never out of the question, and especially when it comes to protecting the people we love, I believe that investing in security will never be a waste of money. .

  3. A couple of well-trained dogs is my best plan. I can not financially commit to a camera or an alarm system, plus I love the company of dogs. 

    I completely agree with you, everyone needs to have a plan to protect themselves at night. It is paramount to sleep at ease knowing that if something happens you will not be harmed because you put some safety protocol in place.


    • Dogs are great if you can have them and care for them. They can provide so much more than just helping you watch out for your property. Thanks for your comment. 

  4. Hi Russ – Great tips on protecting the home.  It is an important tip to be proactive in this issue because there is nothing like the guilt of neglect.  I have an alarm system and I am contemplating getting a dog but I am just not ready yet.  It is a bit of a responsibility.  Thanks for this alert!

    • Nathaniel, 

      Yes. I suggest you only get a dog when you know the time is right. The alarm system certainly doesn’t require as much responsibility or food. Haha.

      Thanks for your comment.  


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