Beachbody MLM Review - Coach

Beachbody MLM Review

There are a lot of companies out there that focus on fitness, weight loss and muscle building. Many of them make some great promises that you can make a lot of money in your spare time selling their products. This is a MLM opportunity that is much like the others. In this Beachbody MLM Review, I will go over things that will help you decide if MLMs are a good deal for you. Here we go. What is Beachbody?

What is Beachbody MLM?

A.K.A. Team Beachbody is was founded on 1998 by Carl Daikeler and it’s headquarters are in Santa Monica, CA. Their product line is very extensive with a variety of fitness and weight loss supplements, workout products and workout training videos.Beachbody MLM Review - Shakeology

As a Team Beachbody Coach you would focus on selling their Challenge Packs. These come in a very wide array of workouts on demand combined with their protein shakes (Shakeology) and equipment.

Are Team Beachbody Products Worth The cost?

Team Beachbody’s advertisement for their products is mind blowing with, tons of fitness programs, nutrition programs, Shakeology, Nutrition products, apparel, gear and accessories.

The featured product is the Challenge Packs. Challenge Packs are what your are encouraged to sell as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Beachbody MLM Review - Pack

This is just one example of a Challenge Pack. There are a lot of different packs starting as low as $130/month and up to over $300/month. Some have an annual membership to Beachbody on Demand.

The Team Beachbody MLM Opportunity

Normally you would be sponsored by a Team Beachbody Coach. If you don’t know one they will assign a Coach to you. There is no base pay to be a Coach. You are paid only on a commission basis. Once you pay your membership fee you will be sent a digital Coach Welcome e book. Then you need to find at least 2 people to do the same under you. You can buy products for yourself at a discount. More people under you means more potential income. As long as they are selling anyway.

What is the Cost to Join Team Beachbody?

To sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach it will cost $39.95. After you sign up they give you the opportunity to buy a Challenge Pack. The Challenge Pack is discounted for you your initial $39.95.

After 30 days they automatically bill you $15.95/month to be a Coach. You can cancel at any time by calling support.

Can you make money with Team Beachbody?

You can make money by selling the products. Challenge pack earn you between $38-$150.

Once you get the 2 coaches (legs) under you they are encouraged to do the same. All the while, you are encouraged to sell the Challenge Packs. You receive commission from your legs when they cycle (sell products). You can earn between $14 and $18 per cycle depending on your rank.

It would be important to find very high octane sales people to be your legs. The commission plan can get very complicated. See the Compensation Plan Highlights pdf.

Pros of Being a Team Beachbody Coach:

Flexible Schedule

You can work when you want. Part time or full time.

Commissions aren’t bad

You can make decent money if you can sponsor the right people.

Cancel anytime

You have to pay every month to be a Coach, but they say you can cancel anytime.


You would want to consistently find great sales people to sponsor.

To make any significant money you need a good network of Coaches under you.

You have to pay every month to stay in the program.

This will hurt on the months you don’t have any sales.

There is a Government Action against Beachbody according to the BBB.

This could hurt your potential to find Coaches to buy into the program.

BBB Alert 

Is Team Beachbody a Scam?

When you first join any type of MLM program, you will spend most of your time trying to sell the product. You are sponsored by someone, or assigned to one, they get a cut of all your sales, and that goes all the way up to the top. Your upline will see all the benefits of your efforts. I can’t say that it it a scam.

In my opinion MLM’s are not set up to operate in your best interest. Also, new sponsors can be inundated with pressure from the people above them to make sale and recruit new people. This can give you the feeling that you have more bosses than clients.


MLMs are designed to sell tons of product. You can do this in your spare time, but you will soon be getting pressure to work a lot more than you though. You will have to use all your own resources and on your own dime.

You can see how this might be very short-lived if you sign up. Your only real income will be dependent on the people below you. You might spend tons of time encouraging someone to go with the program, but when they opt out, you are left at square one. To me this sounds like a trap that will have you wasting a lot of time building something that can just walk away at any moment.

If I am going to spend that kind of time building something I would want it to last. If you want to build a real business, that has a true flexible work schedule, I encourage you to look at my #1 recommended method to achieve this. With this method you can learn to build a real and lasting business for the purpose of producing passive income. You will lean how to build a website, get all the training and all the tools for success with 24 hr support.

Online Work From Home - Get Started

Team Beachbody MLM

$39.95 1st Month, $15.95/Month After





Overall Quality



  • Flexible Schedule
  • Commissions Aren't Bad
  • Cancel Anytime


  • Tough to Find Good Sales People
  • Pay Every Month to Be a Coach
  • BBB Has Some Bad News

13 thoughts on “Beachbody MLM Review”

  1. In my experience, there are MLMs and there are MLMs.  I belonged to one for 10 years and still think it is a phenomenal company.  However, to profit from a MLM you have to put in lots of hours and keep searching for new people to sign on.  In addition, if the company is in trouble with the BBB, I would be most inclined to leave them alone.  

    MLMs are good if you are good at direct selling and recruiting.  You need those skills.  You will also find you are spending many more hours than you expected trying to find new people.  For me, at my age, I think it’s just an overwhelming amount of effort.

    I do thank you for putting this information out there to help us learn what Beachbody is all about.  

  2. This model just does’t work. The downline working really hard for each sale and those on the top looking down to see how slaves work. Thanks for shedding light on Beachbody and I’ll sure keep away from them.

    Those BBB warnings are worth considering.

    I also appreciate this healthier alternative. I’ll check into it!

  3. Wow, aa awesome review you got there.

     MLM is not so nice because to maintain the income coming in one has to work more on your downline, to keep them consistent and working .I have been part a MLM before and because I couldn’t convince by downline to stay I lost everything I worked for. It is better to invest in something that will produce lasting income.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Some of Beachbody’s workout programs are quite good which I think can benefit the end-users. But as a coach, I don’t think it’s a good program because you’re kind of pressured to recruit all the time and I think that kind of defeat the purpose of teaching fitness (health and mental) in the first place. There are many other online-workout programs you can sign up to coach without having to sell your soul. They may be worth looking at in comparison to Beachbody. 

  5. hello,

    i would like to say that the product is not bad. as a matter of fact there has been positive reviews but where the problem comes is in the MLM. The bleachbody MLM is a real stressful work as you can not only concentrate on your work but also on you downlines. the moment that you fail at this, it becomes bad

  6. I’m very tempted by MLM online businesses like Beachbody because on the surface they seem to have lots of earning potential, but it seems that most people who join these things only end up earning scrap change, from my research online only 1% or less are earning anything significant from MLMs. Also I don’t like how there’s so much focus on recruiting because this means you’ll have to be good at talking to people and convincing them to join a business opportunity that quite frankly isn’t that good.

    • Son, 

      Thank you for our comment of my Beachbody MLM Review. You are correct about MLMs and their promises that you can earn a lot of money. I know that there are some people that find success with it, however there is a much better option to building a real business. 

  7. I do think that engaging in an MLM program has to do with your ability to market products to individuals and i do not think that everybody is equipped with that ability. this is a great program but if it becomes compulsory to get the products sold, then it is not so awesome as it is announced.


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