ACN MLM Review - Scam?

ACN MLM Review – Retire In a Couple of Years?

What the heck is ACN and why are these people telling me I need it? In this ACN MLM Review we will find out. I’m sure you have had someone tell you to sign up for ACN MLM right? They go on to explain how they won’t have to work in about 2 years once it’s all set up.

How can they be so sure? Selling services for stuff people already have? At least, all the people I know already have these services.

ACN is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides telecommunications, energy, and a bunch of other services.

What I Like about ACN MLM

  • They have many services to offer.
  • There is no inventory you need to handle.
  • Recurring commissions on services sold.

What I Don’t Like about ACN MLM

  • The start up fee and monthly cost to participate.
  • You are selling products and services that most people already have.
  • Low commission until you get a ton of customers and people in your downline.


ACN Inc. is a company that offers a lot of things that people use consistently every day. Some of these products include, landline telephone service, voice over internet, high speed internet, satellite TV, cellular phone, and a bunch of other things. These services can be bundled which, probably gets you a little discount.

They say you can get all your essential services in one place. They also have plans to purchase for energy, security & automation and identity theft.

The company was incorporated in 1993 and is headquartered in Condord, North Carolina. Over the years they have had a few legal cases brought against them.

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Are ACN’s Products Worth Their Price?

ACN sells services that are readily available to most people by just going to the service provide like, Dish Network for example. I’m not really sure what the cost comparison is here since, I am not part of ACN.

They do have a “Refer 5 friends and your service is free” offer. I imagine there are a few requirements in place to get whatever service they say is free. Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of Independent Business Owners out there that would love to tell you the products are worth the price.

For me, it would be hard for to get interested in a product before I know what the real cost is. Maybe, the price is different for certain areas, or certain people and that is why they are so vague about it.

ACN MLM Review - Products

The ACN MLM Opportunity

It looks pretty easy to sign up to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with ACN. You sign up, pay your fees and you are off and rolling. Oh, and you will need to buy and maintain at least 3 services to get your 7 personal customer points.

Get through the training and start signing people up for service and get your downline going. Don’t forget to actually set up a business through your local municipality. It would also be a good idea to inquire about business insurance for this type of business.

You will earn money by selling services to other people and enrolling new IBO’s to work under you (your downline). There are also bonuses paid based on your personal sales and your downline sales.

What is the Cost to Join ACN MLM?

Other that the hidden costs of setting up a business and the (at least 3 services) you will have to sign up for it’s pretty expensive for a typical MLM business.

The start up fee is $199.00. Then, you will be required to pay $25/month to stay in the program. Once you get these things out of the way, this is what you get to build your business. See below.

ACN MLM Review - What you get

Can You Make Money with ACN MLM?

This depends. It depends on how much drive you have and how much you believe in the company. Oh, and having some friends that won’t mind you pitching them a business would help as well.

It appears that some money can be made by selling ACN. Can you make a real business out of it? I’m not so sure. The commissions are really low when you look at their examples. Let’s look at the level 3 example below.

ACN MLM Review - Level 3

As you can see you have to get a ton of customers and a bunch of IBO’s signed up making sales in our downline to get to level 3. It seems, based on their examples, you have to get to level 3 before you will see any significant amount of return.

Look at the fine print at the bottom. “Less than 5% of Qualified IBOs meet the requirements to receive commissions through their 5th level”. This doesn’t seem to promising.

I think, you would have better luck finding a 3 legged ballerina than making any real money with ACN. But, That’s just my opinion.


ACN offers quite a few services.

These services can be bundled, which I’m sure, saves your customers some money in the long run. You may be able to talk people into at least one service that ACN offers.

No inventory to mess with.

For the most part, you are selling a service so you probably just sign people up and make sure they pay. You don’t have to haul vacuums around in the trunk of your 97 Corolla.

Recurring Commissions.

For most of these services people will pay monthly. ACN will give you a commission when they pay every month to keep the service going.


High start up and monthly fees.

As far as typical MLM companies go, the start up is in the high end and you have to pay every month to stay in the game. I am not a fan!

Low commission percentage.

The 4% commission is on the low end. You will have to get tons of customers and a large downline to make anything significant. Remember their 5% of IBOs disclaimer.

Services offered are one’s people already have.

In m opinion, people don’t shop for services they already have. They will often complain about the high price but, seldom do anything about it. Especially with automatic withdrawals for their accounts. Out of site, out of mind. People don’t like to face the pain. This makes it a tough sell in my book.

Is ACN MLM a Scam?

There is a very thin line between a pyramid scheme and a MLM. For this reason, many people are jaded about getting involve with MLM companies.

I can’t say that ACN is a scam but, it is certainly a MLM. It seems to me, most people would sign up, try to get their friends and family involved, and see what happens. My bet is that a lot of people spend that $199 start up fee and don’t realize any return on it.


Most MLM companies will try to seduce you with the unlimited potential while just working part-time. The truth is, for most of these you will need to eat, sleep and breath selling their products and services to make anything real out of it. Time and time again people that get involved with MLMs will quickly alienate their friends and family.

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ACN MLM Review - Start

Acn Inc.









  • Many Services Offered
  • No Iventory
  • Recurring Commissions


  • High Start up Cost
  • Low Commission Percentage
  • People Already Have Most Services They Need

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