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4 Awesome Reasons to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are on the fence about becoming an Affiliate Marketer, read these 4 awesome reasons to create an Affiliate Marketing Business to inspire you. After reading this, you will why more people don’t do it. More importantly, you will wonder why you waited so long.

Being an affiliate marketer has a lot more advantages than I mention here however, I wanted to put out some “heavy hitters” about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has literally changed my life. My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier.

#1. Low Cost Start Up and Maintenance.

It is a very low start up cost to building an affiliate marketing business. You need a computer, laptop or tablet and an internet connection. You will want to own your website so there will be a fee every year to own your domain (usually under $20/year).

That’s really all you need. You don’t pay to be part of an affiliate program like, Amazon Associates or Clickbank or any of the other hundreds. You could spend some money, and you probably should, on a little training to get things going right. I will show you the best source for this later.

#2. Your Passion is Your Business.

As an Affiliate Marketer you write about what you are interested in. I see people asking all the time about what topic or niche they should start. My first question is, what is your passion? What are you interested in?

This can be literally anything! Cooking, gardening, back issues, money, finance, clothes, animals, rocks or anything else. You won’t have any problem finding an affiliate that has a product for you to promote.

You get to be in the business of whatever you want. This makes having an affiliate marketing business fun and exciting work.

#3. Truly Unlimited Earning Potential.

Once you get going and start earning as an affiliate marketer, the sky is the limit. No need to worry about getting a raise or bonus next year. You will know how things are trending for you. You will know that if you keep adding value to your affiliate marketing website the money will grow exponentially.

There are hundreds of affiliates out there ready for you to promote and sell their products. They ship them and handle all the money and customer service. That is awesome! Think about all of the products on Amazon alone. You can sell any of them that you wish.

#4. Passive Income.

On your affiliate marketing business website you will promote products. Once you have a post about a product that is earning you money, that post is good to go. Just let that one simmer and earn. Go on to the next one and keep adding more passive income earning posts. Rinse and repeat.4 Awesome Reasons to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business - Passive

Earning passive income is a habit many successful people have formed to become millionaires. Everyone should want to earn passive income. This means you are earning while you sleep or go on vacation. Someone else is working for you. That someone is your affiliate marketing business website.

Bonus Reason to create an affiliate marketing business!

Flexible Schedule.

You can work on you affiliate marketing business whenever you want. You can also work on it wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

Most people start it out as a side gig or almost a hobby. Then they realize they are making more money with their side hustle and quit their day job.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? You can do it if you…..

Take Action! Build a real business.

Start now and take it serious. My son’s baseball coach used to say something I loved. “We will have fun, but we take our fun seriously”.

Have that attitude. Have fun, but take your fun seriously. How do you do that?…

Get the right training and support

Before you go off and purchase a domain name and get hosting from somewhere like BlueHost, do some research. If you do something like this you will get stuck somewhere along the way. Possibly even before you have a live website. 4 Awesome Reasons to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business - TrainingThen you will be searching Google for something and Google won’t understand what you are asking for.

Then you will have to go back to square one and research the proper training and start again. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. The very best place to get the training and support you will need is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate was started in 2005 by Carson & Kyle. It is a platform you can use to start any type of website (numerous websites) and maintain it. They have a step by step training system. For each step you can either read the instructions or watch the video or both.

There are step by step courses that will show you everything to make the perfect website. Also, there is live training every week. The live training is recorded and uploaded so you can reference any of them at any time.

The platform has live 24/7 support. You can ask just about anything live and get a response right away from a seasoned member.

The biggest reason to join is for the training. The intention of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach you about online marketing and give you a place to take care of it all. The best part of this is it’s all on one platform. There is no signing up for other things and having to go back and forth between them.

There is nothing to lose by clicking below and signing up now. You can sign up and start building an affiliate marketing business website today for free.


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  1. I agreed with you that starting out a business online through affiliate marketing is just perfect and could provide the best offer for anyone to earn a decent income. Affiliate marketing is worth it and could provide a means to earn a permanent passive income for life and thats the major reason I like it. Thanks for sharing this post

  2. My reason for starting na affiliate marketing business was because I was tired of the day job every single time. Plus, I had a very naggy boss that I could not stand. She was very annoying and I just wanted to be my own boss. The idea of passive income came later and it was the real deal because I could be on my bed sleeping and I’ll still be making so much money. It’s a very good idea and so that’s why I started. I believe anyone can make money through affiliate marketing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about 4 Awesome Reasons to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business. I’ve been doing research on this and I like your specific point on Affiliate Marketing. I’ve read lots of articles on this but yours is the first that. Affiliate Marketing can be one of the best ways to earn online. I’m with Affiliate Marketing for a long time. And I’m a successful affiliate marketer. Anyone can easily make a career in Affiliate Marketing. I’m so impressed.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about 4 Awesome Reasons to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business. Thanks

  4. Hi Russ,

    Being a full-time Affiliate Marketer I really enjoyed your post. How I wish I had found your post sooner when I first started! I had to go through the old way of trial & error. I am sure this post is going to be a greater help to many.

    Indeed, we can start Affiliate Marketing with a very low investment compared to other business opportunities. What I like about affiliate marketing is… We can turn our passion into profits and interest into income.

    We don’t need to buy any products and don’t need to provide any customer support (product creator will take care of it). We can work with different companies and the income potential is just amazing. By helping people we can earn money!

    I am a fan of Affiliate Marketing because…

    Affiliate Marketing Has Made Businesses Millions And Ordinary People Millionaires. – Bo Bennett

  5. This reasons couldn’t be anymore accurate. These are many of the reasons why I decided to go into affiliate marketing myself. What does everybody else think? 

    One of the main things that made me want to start is to write about things that I am interested in which made me passionate about making money from it. 

    It’s a no brainer if you’re an excellent writer! 

    Let’s keep talking about Affiliate Marketing!

  6. Thanks for such an amazing article.at the initial stage when creating my website were I can advertise and promote my business it was not an easy task but d support given by members,I was able to scale through,I take advantage of the low cost to buy a domain,I was able to explore my passion in e marketing.

    thanks, best regards.


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